Friday, March 25, 2011

Cute Child's Craft / Game from Martha Stewart Crafts: Checker Board

This is such a cute checker game that I had to share it.  If your April is full of showers you will need some indoor fun for your little is a cute craft that can later be a game played over and over...

Kids who learn how to play checkers will always have something to do on a rainy day. Kids who make their own portable checkerboard will have a game to play almost anywhere. Collect bottle caps in opposing colors (you'll need 12 for each side), or use tempera or acrylic paints to paint the tops of mismatched caps with a color of your choice. Bottle caps stack easily, making for very regal kings.

Checkers How-to

Using pinking shears, cut a square of canvas that's about 12 by 12 inches. (The shears will protect edges from fraying and give the board a decorative flair.) With a knife, slice a plastic art eraser into a square that's 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches; this will be the stamp. Begin by stamping a single square in one corner of the board; stamp a second catercorner to the first, then add a third square along the border, catercorner from the second and a full square-space from the first. Continue to fill the board; your finished board will have eight squares (four stamped and four blank) in each row and column.
From Martha Stewart Kids

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