Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keep Your Cool with Martha: Helping our furry friends keet THEIR cool

There is NOTHING Dixie Lee loves more than going outside with David while he smokes a cigar, drinks a Shiner, and grills.  She will head out, with ball firmly in her mouth (butt wiggling cause she does not have much of a tail...COCKERS!!!!) no matter what the temperature is.  It is hard to make her come in as the temp on our patio thermometer reaches 109 degrees!!!! (TEXAS HEAT!!!!).  We make sure she has plenty of water and try to splash her from the baby pool every now and then (which she does not like).  She just does not get to stay out much at all thru June to October.

I found the following tips on Martha Stewarts website....

Pet expert Marc Morrone shares vital tips to make sure your furry and feathered friends stay happy and healthy in hot weather.
There are many more tips on Martha's site...so be sure to head over to find out how to help your furbabies keep their cool this summer.

Keep your cool!!!!


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