Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keep Your Cool with Martha: Summer Beach Hat

A plain canvas tote and a straw beach hat are turned into bright, sunny creations using touches of raffia.

Raffia Tote Bag How-To

 Preparation1. Start with a canvas tote and raffia in 3 shades. Using a disappearing-ink fabric pen, draw circles on tote, 1 for each sunburst (ours are 1 1/2 to 5 inches in diameter).
2. Mark the center point of a circle (A) and 1 point anywhere along the circle's edge (B). Thread a large-eyed needle with raffia in desired color, knotting it before embroidering design using a French-knots-on-stalks stitch.
French-Knots-on-Stalks Stitch3. Draw needle up through A. Wrap raffia around needle 3 times. Holding wrapped portion together, gently draw needle down through B, forming French knot.
4. Repeat step 3, always coming up through A but moving B 1/4 inch over, until the sunburst is complete.

Raffia Hat How-ToMake matching pom-poms to trim a straw hat. Using a pom-pom maker and raffia, make a pom-pom (ours are 1 1/2 inches in diameter). Wrap center with floral wire, twisting wire with pliers to secure. Trim wire to 1/2-inch. Repeat to make more pom-poms, using raffia in different colors. Then attach to hat with embroidery thread.

From Martha Stewart Living

I got the idea that I needed a hat for the water parks this year.  I found a very cute one at Sam Moon while shopping for sparklie things with my darling neice Jordan.  I do not know how well I "rock" this hat...but it sure keeps my head from getting burned!!!!

Keep your cool!!!!


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