Friday, December 31, 2010

Back Home in Texas

We made it back home safe!!!!  We were ahead of some serious storms in Arkansas but we kept on truckin' and barely got wet. 

We drove from Fredericksburg, VA to Nashville, Tenn yesterday.  We were able to meet up with family in Nashville for dinner.  We had a great time eating burgers and chit chatting while STUFFED in a booth way too small for our crowd.  I got to meet my cousins baby, who really is not a baby anymore....  And an added bonus little Ayden (the one I did the candy buffet for back last month who turned 1) was there with his grandmother visiting his GREAT can all get to be rather confusing so I will  just leave it as we all had a great time.

David and I got up before the sun and got out on the road.  We were able to breeze thru Nashville and Memphis before the traffic got bad.  We made it to Texas by 1pm, stopped at the Dairy Queen for lunch, and made it home to Plano, Texas a little after 3pm.

Now this cowgirl needs to unpack and get this house back in order. 


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