Monday, July 16, 2018

New Keto ~ Low Carb Channel and Life ~ Diet Update

Here is an update and an Intro to my new channel, My Low Carb Pantry.  I decided that I needed a channel dedicated to my low carb journey.  I would love for you to check it out.  Let me know what you think.

xoxo Tiffany

Friday, June 22, 2018

Keto Chili Option? Review Of Skyline Chili and Vadalia Chop Wizard AS SE...

Those of us on the low carb and Keto way of eating are always looking for substitutes of our favorite meals.  It being grilling season, I am craving hot dogs and even better if I can have a chili dog.  I can make my own chili in a low carbish way, even my husband likes it, but sometimes you just want to open up a can.  I was thrilled to discover Skyline Chili.  It has only 4 carbs, y'all!!!


YES!!! 4 flippin' net carbs for the entire can!!!  I was very excited.  Check out my video at the top of this blog to see if the excitement was sustainable....

xoxo Tiffany

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Grocery Clearance Center / Discount Salvage Groceries

I have been seeing blogs and posts about people shopping at "discount grocery" and "surplus grocery" stores for years and I wanted to know more.  Do I have one in my area?  After a quick search, I found one!!!

I searched for a few different terms before I came across one in my area.  Some of the search words I used included "grocery discount Dallas" and "grocery surplus Dallas".  Of course you will use your own location.

My search lead me to Grocery Clearance Center in the southern part of Dallas, Texas.  The exact address and info is:

3107 Cockrell Hill Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75236
Phone: 214-330-Food (3663)
Fax: 214-330-3653

They also have a YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc.  You can find all of their social media on their site.  

My thoughts on the store?  Well...I found some great deals.  Click on my video (at the top on this blog) for the full thoughts/review and my haul.  I think if you need a lot of staples, it would make the drive much more worth while.  I will definitely go back when I need more "stuff".


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

BlackBerry Picking At Ham’s Orchard In Terrell, Texas

We had a great time at Ham's Orchard in Terrell, Texas.  I have seen the billboards, up and down Highway 80 from Mesquite to Terrell through out the years and have always planned to go. I can not believe it has taken me this long to make it out there.  We love to pick fruit, we try to make it to at least one farm before the summer gets too hot.  

My mom and niece rave about their peach ice cream.  I always thought they were famous for ham sandwiches just because I see the word "HAM" and that is what comes to mind.  Well, we did not have a ham sandwich but we picked a lot of blackberries and brought home some jams and peaches, as well.  Oh!!! I also brought home some jalapeno stuffed olives for Daddy.

Maggie was a little stand off, at first, because there were creepy crawly BUGS!!!  She got over her little fear and became a master blackberry picker.

 Mimi and Maggie enjoyed some delicious peach and vanilla swirled ice cream.  Unfortunately, they did not have anything sugar free.  That is one suggestion I would make, offer some sugar free ice cream!!!  Oh well, I had plenty of blackberries to snack on.  Blackberries are low on the glycemic index so they are one of a few fruits you can have SPARINGLY on a low carb and keto way of eating.

The day started off hot and just got hotter as we worked the blackberry fields.  We found a little relief in Ham's covered pavilion where they offer ample seating when you are ready for a snack or meal. A cool breeze blows thru to help you cool down on a hot Texas summer day. Patrons are welcome to bring a picnic or they sell BBQ to enjoy.

We did not have lunch there, but it smelled heavenly.  Maggie likes to take her sweet time eating yummy treats but this delectable delight was soon to be a milky mess.

Check out the Ham's Orchard website for all the info and see what they have to offer.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Well well well....

I am so excited!!!!  I have been trying, off and on, for a few years (yes, I said "YEARS") to publish to this blog.  I even created a new one, because I could not get anything to work.  Well, I am happy to say that I figured this out.  It's rather silly, actually, the reason it was not working for me.  I will not go into logistics other than to say my blondness was working overtime. 
This little girl is growing up so fast....and I haven't shared any of our journey with you!!!

Have no fear, those who may still be around to read this ancient scroll....  I am back!!! 

My darling furbaby, Belle Starr

I thought about copying over from my other blog but will just post a link, for now.  I may copy some posts as time goes by, if they are relevant to whatever I am doing.  The blog will look A LOT like this one...I tried to make it as much like this, as possible.

Ok, so this is an oldie but a goodie....I'm on Maggie's login and none of my recent photos are here.  I got so excited, I didn't change to my login.

xoxo Tiffany

Sunday, August 10, 2014

So...I've Been Vlogging.....

Please feel free to join me on my youtube chanel.  I vlog semi regularly and would love to have you follow me around.  I have all these good intentions of posting here, on blogger, but time just gets away from me.  I will try to get back and update on all the exiting changes that have happened in my life....but everything is on my vlogs.

Hope to see you there....

xo Tiff

Our Perfect Blonde Angel.....

One week into being foster parents, things were a bit rocky.  Out sweet Little Lady was having a difficult time, she was teething, settling into an unfamiliar home, had a few restless nights, and her first foster care well baby appointment was upon us….and wouldn’t you know she needed a few shots.   She cried so hard that the entire office could hear her.  She had some strong vocal cords for such a Little Lady. 

She cried and would not stop no matter what I did to comfort her.  We got into my mommy van and as we pulled into our neighborhood she stopped crying and fell to sleep.  I drove right by our home and kept driving.  We had a few hours before we had to be home for a visit with our agency case worker so I decided to take a drive around our city.  We drove and drove….and I let her sleep, finally.

The time that we HAD to be home was getting close so we headed back.  By the time our case worker arrived Little Lady’s mood was better but still a bit fussy.  She rested in her swing as our case worker and I chatted and started on paper work.

As we sat in the den working I heard ducks. (Please see this post for info on back story)  I was a bit confused since that is the ring tone for our agency and a representative of our agency was in my home.  I do not know what made me answer the phone, I mean it was actually kind of rude since I had a guest, but I answered.  I was being called for a placement.  Let me back up to say that I had gotten a few more placement calls since Little Lady had been in our home…but none felt right or I did not call back in time to get the info.

The voice on the other end was the agency Program Manager (everyone there seems to take and make calls) she said she knew I was getting settled with Little Lady but wanted to tell me about another baby.  This baby was a little 8 month old girl who needed a place to stay.  I was told all family and other options had been exhausted.  Since we are a foster to adoption home, this sounded good.  I got a few more details, that I cannot share, and I said “bring her home”.

When I told our case worker what was going on she asked, “Are you sure?  Are you crazy?”  I had just told her about the rough time Little Lady and I were having.  Their ages were so close, a 5 month old and an 8 month old!?!?! I was sure.  Something just felt right in agreeing to care for her.  Our case worker agreed and said it sounded promising that this baby might stay forever.  Of course we never know that to be true, the goal is always reunification.

Fast forward to later that evening and a beautiful blond hair, blue eye angel came to my door.  We call her “Blondie”.

When I opened the door I felt immediate love.  The man on the porch held the most beauitiful fair skin, blonde hair baby with big blue a sparkling saphire blue that you can get lost in. She was scared but not crying. All she had on was a thin onesie that had holes and smelled of smoke.  I wanted to get her inside and into something more comfortable.  The first thing I found was a clean, Texas A&M, thick soft onesie. So I put that on her and a nice warm pair of socks. 

Meanwhile, the CPS worker who brought her home was bringing in boxes and armfuls of belonging.  I still get very emotional when I think this was everything she owned….well except the “play pen” (as the CPS worker called it) that she slept in, it did not fit in his car.  When Little Lady came, she had a bag of clothes, like she was staying a few days.  Blondie had everything she “owned”, like she was not going back. 

We are her first Foster Care home but she had been in multiple homes over the last few months as her parents could not care for her.  Remember, she was only 8 months old at the time.  It is hard to tell the entire story when there are so many details we cannot share…. But just know that she was scared and tired.  But she was well fed as she was much bigger than I thought she would be.  Compared to Little Lady, just a few months younger, she was a big girl.  Not fat, just big.  I even asked if they were sure she was 8 months old. 

We started to get settled in, remember Little Lady (the 5 month old) was still with us, at this time.  We were thinking about what we needed for TWO babies and what we had.  Well, we only had one car seat, one stroller….so David, my hubbie, headed out to get another car seat (we actually had a car seat and stroller we were borrowing from my brother and SIL, but it was a single stroller).  When he came back, he not only had a new carrier and car seat but a double stroller….the exact one I wanted. 

I do not know if Blondie was just exhausted or used to being in so many homes, she did not put up a fuss.  She played with us, a little cautiously but not really guarded.  She ate well.  She loved watching Little Lady, and wanted to love on her….but she did not know her own strength so we could not let her play too much. It being so late in the evening, when she came, it wasn’t long before bedtime.  She and Little Lady were pretty good roomies.  They both slept well…esp Little Lady who I think was used to sharing a room with her brother and sister.

In fact, they were both so easy going that we took them out to the mall that weekend to test out the new double stroller.  They just chilled in their seats and enjoyed being out.  We saw the Easter Bunny and got their pic taken.  That was a big surprise as I had not thought about it being so close to Easter.

We had so many visitors in and out of the home, meeting the girls.  I am not sure, looking back, that it was a good thing or not.  Some experts say not to have a lot of visitors so the baby can bond with mommy and daddy…but everyone was so excited to meet them…and the babies seemed to enjoy it, too. 

Blondie had a yuckie rash and other skin problems when she arrived. I had talked to our Foster Care Clinic but they did not seem concerned and just said to go to the ER if it got bad.  We had an appt coming up for her first visit, so they just did not seem to think we needed to come in sooner.  I kept a close eye on it and used rash ointment, we used very strict cautions so there was no cross contamination.  By Sunday afternoon I just could not deal with not really knowing and we took a trip to the ER. Foster children have medical covered so might as well take advantage of it.  Also, David had been inventorying her belonging s and came across some cream in a bag….I am not going to disclose what it was but dealing with it in my past, while working in an Alzheimer’s community, I just wanted make sure we had this under control.

So we spent most of Sunday evening in the ER.  The nurses were so nice and the babies were pretty relaxed.  I think Little Lady just slept thru it.  Ok…so Blondie was relaxed until they started examining her.  She did not want me to put her down.  We were already getting pretty attached and she trusted me.  She had to lie down and be still, something to this day she still does not like.  I let her play with my necklace and that seemed to calm her down….give her something else to focus on.  We made a joke that something shiny from Tiffany and Co always makes a girl happy. The nurses doctored her up, we got a diagnosis of what the rash was (and it wasn’t the icky thing the cream was for, that had already cleared up), and a prescription.  We gladly said thank you and good bye.  We had our first ER visit and it wasn’t that big of a deal, it could have been worse.

The next week was exhausting but I felt so blessed.  There were some sleepless nights; I will not fib on that….but the babies were in a strange home, sleeping in a strange room….with another strange baby.  It was one of those feeling of exhaustion that you welcome it kind of things, if that makes sense.  Mommies understand what I mean. 

On Thursday, after 2 weeks of being her Foster Family, we had to say Good Bye and God Bless to our Little Lady.  She was a sweet heart but she was going to live with her Grandma, Grandpa, big brother and sister.  We were going to miss her but were very happy for her reunification. 

And now Blondie was an only child.  We decided to focus our energy and love on this little angel.  She seemed to need some attention and we had plenty to give.  We were called several times over the next few weeks about placements and always passed.  I finally asked that they just give us some time to spoil Blondie and enjoy her.  When we agreed to be licensed for two it was supposed to be if they were siblings, so it wasn’t really a big deal.  I love the idea of two but not right now.

Over the last few months we have kept pretty busy.  We have enjoyed lots of family events.  My sister, Krazy Krystal and BFF Cathy threw a fun “Welcome to Foster Parenthood Shower” for me and Blondie was the center of attention.  It was so cool that the baby was there at the shower.

 I also celebrated my very first Mother’s Day as a mommie.  Blondie and David made me breakfast (cinnamon rolls) and had a card from David AND one from Blondie waiting on me when I woke up.  I got presents, too…a charm from Tiffany’s of a little girl silhouette and a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Azure (to be my summer mommie bag…which I LOVE!!!!).  We hosted a Mother’s Day lunch at our home and everyone came.  We had David’s Yummy, award winning, homemade jambalaya. I had been feeling so sad on the last few Mother’s Days that this was a big deal to me.  I was finally a mommie, too.

 We celebrated Father’s Day, too, which was a lot of fun.  Blondie and I took off shopping on the Saturday before to hunt for the perfect gifts (they had been planned for a while but I could not find the perfect frame). We gave David cards, made breakfast, and gave him cigars and a big photo collage frame with several photos we took of Blondie in the Bluebonnets (for him to hang in his new office).  We took Daddy out for dinner at his favorite place, Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke.  David has a daughter, Victoria, who is in her 20s, but we do not see her often.  I always make a big deal about Father’s Day for him with a card, gift, and dinner out…but this was so fun having a baby to celebrate with us.

We went on quite a few outings.  David and I always take a trip to the BLuebonnet Trails in April, we really enjoyed taking BLondie and getting some great pictures. We got Family Memberships to the Dallas Zoo and went several times before it got too hot.  Blondie loved riding in her stroller and seeing the animals.  She especially enjoyed when Jordan (17 year old niece) and Ayden (4 year old cousin) went with us. When Krazy Aunt Krystal was on vacation we went to the Dallas Aquarium and saw the sharks and flamingos.  We also went shopping and out to lunch a few times while Krystal was off of work.  We went swimming at Mimi’s house a few times and Blondie enjoyed it so much we decided to have her Birthday Party as a Pool Party / Luau. 

At the first of July we welcomed Baby Lucca, my nephew, into the world.  Now Blondie has a cousin just a year younger.  I hope they get to grow up together, picking on each other and playing, becoming  best friends. 

We have celebrated many firsts with our sweet little Blondie.  We were told, when she arrived, that she did not crawl.  We witnessed the “first” time she crawled.  We cheered her on to her first steps.  We celebrated her first Birthday…..OH and did we CELEBRATE!!!!

To be continued….