Friday, July 5, 2013

Find Your Voice: Lesson One, Prompt Two: Storytelling Goals

Who knew actually putting words down on paper would be this tough?  I used to take pride in how easy I found writing to be.  I loved telling a story.  I still do, but now that it has been years since I have done so in a “workshop” or class environment, I think I have lost my nerve.  I journal in my scrapbooks and for Project Life, but it is just basic, one dimensional facts.  I want to push myself and make the story of my family more interesting.

I want this story to help tell future generations who we are at this moment in time.  This exact moment while we are waiting to meet our child(ren).  Since we will be older parents we may not be here, or if we are here, we may not remember the facts. Our scrapbooks and journals will be the documentation of who we are.

I want this to be real.  I do not want it to be sad, even though we have sad times.  I want the sad times to show why and how we grew from it.  How something sad can bring something so wonderful.  I want to tell how we came to our decisions.

I want our future children to know how happy we are, together.  How much we love eachother.  How we care for eachother.  We enjoy being together, doing things we love together.  Our scrapbooks already show this but I want to go further.  I want more of a story.

Future generations will already know we are a Godly house and family.  This can be expanded on and more of the WHY can be told. Our roles in the family are because of God.  This is and will be reflected more in the story of our lives.

Find Your Voice: Lesson One, Prompt One: Creative Base

Just a fun, simple, creative way to tell WHO I am at this moment.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paper Lover's Studio Challenge

How can you not love a place called "Paper Lover's Studio"?  They are having a challenge this week where you are to create a scrapbook page without photos.  The point is to do more journaling to tell the story.  Well, I scrapbook like this so I am taking on the challenge with my own little spin.  I am going to do it SMASH style.  I simply found one of my favorite pieces of ephemera and journaled around it in the journal I am using for the Find Your Voice workshop.


Find Your Voice

Hey Y'all.  So sorry I have not been on for an update.  I have a lot to tell, but that is for another post.  I am jumping on today to let you know about an online work shop I have started called "Find Your Voice".  This is a free summer work shop that will hopefully get me to writing and blogging again. So if you see random posts from me about...well ME, this is why.  Some of the first lessons are discovereing who YOU are and becoming a better story teller.

This workshop is FREE and self come join us.  We are really learning to push ourselves but having a lot of fun, too.



Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Foster Parents? Who, us?

In this journey to adoption many options come up.  One big and very tempting option is Fostering to Adopt.  Thru our research (on the web, of course) we have found this option very tempting.  The children need homes ASAP.  Before I get ahead of myself, I want to give a link so you can read more about the program.  I certainly am not qualified to explain this.  Please check out the Foster to Adopt program at

While looking at the different sites for foster to adopt programs we saw they have several info meetings around the city.  We chose to go to one ASAP in Dallas, Texas.  This meeting was held at and by Pathway Youth and family Services. 

There were quiet a few couples and single people there.  I know not all will continue with the fostering process, but I was impressed with the turn out on a random Thursday evening, right before a holiday.  Some of the attendees were just interested in fostering, some just in adoption....some, like us, were there to keep an open heart with the info we receive.  There were a few couples who had adopted in the past and are now looking to build their family thru this program.

We were told there are infants needing foster care, however, not all will be available for adoption.  The foster programs first priority is to reunite children with their parents.  If that is not possible, they want to place the children with family or friends of the family.  If all of these attempts are exhausted and the children are not to be reunited with mom or dad, family or friend...only then can the foster family try to adopt the child.  This can take up to 2 years, sometimes more.

In the meantime, the child can be taken from the foster home at any time.  We were told that the average foster family can have 7 children or more in their home before one stays forever.  I am all for reunification with bio parents or family.  I understand that is best if everything is "ok"...but I do not know if I can handle getting attached and having my hear broken 7+ times.  I would need to go in with the fact in mind that the child can leave at any minute, which is true for most of the placements.  I have taken care of others children and know I can do this...but I knew, without a dought, that the children I cared for (as a nanny, mainly) would be going back to mom or dad at the end of the day.  I do not want to go into being a foster parent and hold back on my love because of the fear of getting attached.  That is not fair to a child who may have been neglected or hurt...these children need love no matter what the circumstances. 

There is no question they would be VERY well cared for and have all of their needs met...andthere is no question if they would be well loved while (and after, from afar) being in our home. There is the selfish question of how I will feel when having to let them go.

I know God will see me thu this...but the unknown does scare me. We have a lot to pray and think about.  Our home is not ready for a home study so as we get everything in shape, we can take the time in figuring this out.  Since I will not be working if we decide to foster, I also want to work for awhile to save some money so when a child does come to live with us, we can have some extra for the fun things kids like to do.  This is not a decision to rush into...while our first placement might not be here for long, there is an off chance that she could be here forever and we want to be as ready as ....well are you ever really ready?  But we want to be our kind of ready.


Pre School Problems or Job Update

 I think I mentioned this in the update from earlier this month?  I got a job as a Pre School teacher.  I went for training and started a few weeks ago.  Well, things were not as rosey as I had hoped.  After hiring me for the three year old preschool room, they could not decide where they wanted me.  Because of all the confusion and being more irritated when I left everyday, I decided to continue looking for employment.  I really wish I was loving this job so much, at that time, and could be done with the job search...after all I only plan to work until the 2013 Winter Holidays. I was looking and surfing the net for other openings, still interested in a Preschool job, I ran across a listing for a nanny agency.  This reminded me how much I used to make as a nanny...and the need to save as much as possible took over.  I started calling and getting on the different  agency lists of available nannies.  If I get hired I would be able to save almost double from what I will save while working with the preschools. I always enjoyed being a nanny, esp for the toddlers.

Fast forward to now, having worked and floated all over the preschool...I am really enjoying the kids AND my co workers.  Everyone is very nice and helps one another out.  There are some challenges with my darling three year olds, but I am not with them every day so this is not their fault.  They seem to have different teachers all the time. I have also worked with the 2 year olds and OMG...I love them.  They are actually better behaved than the three year olds...LOL.  There is one little boy who is in a transition phase, he is about to be moved up to the 3 year old class, I they let him go in that class to  hang out every now and then....and he is BETTER behaved in the 2 year old room.  There is just something about THAT 3 year old room that brings out the naughties in a kid. 

So I am keeping an open mind with the preschool, getting to know the children whenever I am in their class.  However, because I had my doughts and started calling the nanny agencies, I am prepared to change jobs, as well.  I just can not forget the need for the money...and if I am not doing what I wanted to do, have a class of my own, I might as well go for the Benjamins.  I am not going to apologies for this because no adoption agency apologises for their fees...and THIS is the only reason I went back to work in the first place.

So in the meantime, I am having fun and facing the challenges as they come.