Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday means....Laundry Day TIps

Looking for brighter whites or bolder colors? The answer just might be white distilled vinegar. It’s a safe and inexpensive way to boost the power of your detergent and add a little more muscle to your stain remover. With vinegar in the mix, your clothes have never looked better.
Here are some more laundry tips using the power of vinegar.....
Prevent lint from clinging to clothes by adding 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar to the wash cycle.

To remove soap residue that makes black clothes look dull use white distilled vinegar in your final rinse.

Get stained white socks and dingy dishcloths white again. Add 1 cup white distilled vinegar to a large pot of water, bring it to a rolling boil and drop in the articles. Let soak overnight.

Some stains on clothing and linens can be soaked out using equal parts milk and white distilled vinegar.

Before washing a mustard stain, dab with white distilled vinegar.

Attack spaghetti, barbecue, or ketchup stains
with a white distilled vinegar and water solution.

Remove perspiration odor and stains on clothing, as well as those left by deodorants, by spraying full-strength white distilled vinegar on underarm and collar areas before tossing them into the washing machine.

Forgot that you left wet laundry in the machine and it now smells moldy? Pour a few cups of white distilled vinegar in the machine and wash the clothes in hot water. Then run a normal cycle with detergent.

Remove smoky odors from clothes by filling the bathtub with very hot water and 1 cup white distilled vinegar. Hang the garments above the steaming water and shut the door so the steam can penetrate the fibers.

Keep the steam iron clean and in good working order by getting rid of mineral deposits in steam vents and spray nozzles. Fill the water chamber with a solution of equal parts white distilled vinegar and distilled water. Set it in an upright position and let it steam for about 5 minutes. When the iron is cool, rinse the tank with water, refill and shake water through the vents onto an old cloth. Test before using.

Remove scorch marks from an iron by rubbing it with a warmed-up solution of equal parts white distilled vinegar and salt. If that doesn’t work, use a cloth dampened with full-strength white distilled vinegar.

Remove musky smells from cotton clothes by sprinkling them lightly with white distilled vinegar and then pressing them.

Get water and salt stains off shoes and boots by wiping them down with a solution of equal parts white distilled vinegar and water.

Give patent leather shoes and bags a better shine by wiping them down with white distilled vinegar.

Get cleaner laundry! Add about 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar to the last rinse. The acid in white distilled vinegar is too mild to harm fabrics, yet strong enough to dissolve the alkalies in soaps and detergents. Besides removing soap, white distilled vinegar prevents yellowing, acts as a fabric softener and static cling reducer, and attacks mold and mildew.

Eliminate manufacturing chemicals from new clothes by adding 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar to the water.

Remove soap scum and clean the hoses of your washing machine with white distilled vinegar. Periodically run the machine with only a cup of white distilled vinegar in it—nothing else added to the wash cycle.

Bring out bright colors by adding 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle.

Fluff up wool or acrylic sweaters (hand- or machine-washed) and rid them of soap smell with 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar in the last rinse water.

Get rid of the tiny holes left along the hemline when you take out the hem of any garment by moistening a cloth with white distilled vinegar, placing it under the fabric and ironing.

The above tips are from Vinegar Tips website.

Happy Homemaking


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skirt Fetish

I have a name for my obsession....SKIRT FETISH!!!!  I have been slowly, ok not TOO slowly, collecting a massive amount of skirts.  Skirts are good to me.  With my granny arms, I find dresses hard to fit but a cute skirt can usually be found AND I get my true size.  I do not have to get a larger size JUST for those wavey granny arms.

It is true I love skirts from each season but something about a soft cotton skirt from spring makes me happy.  I buy several every spring, I just can not help it.  I do not care where they come from, I buy them from Nieman's, Chico, Wal Mart, and this year I discovered Goodwill has them so inexpensive that I can have a new skirt for each day of spring.

Because I had such a hard time leaving a skirt behind AND I have so many that are too big or too small...I am going to sell some on eBay.  Since I have so many each are barely worn and just sitting in boxes.  I need the space, the cash will be nice, and I would rather pass them on to someone who can love them.

Here are some recent skirts I have found while at Goodwill.  Some are great brands.

Norton McNaughton 18

Valerie Stevens 12

Izod 20

Casual Corner 14

Tevan 14

Dress Barn 18

Faded Glory 16

Nicole Miller 10

Avenue Blues 18

Cold Water Creek 20
Were them with a soft sweater twin set in early spring or a stretchy T or tank top when the sun gets warmer.  Casual or dressy and perfect to pack in a tote for a romantic weekend away.  Skirts are the perfect item of clothing.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Raggedy Ann World Give-a-Way

I just found the cutest blog...all about Raggedy Ann.  I love her so much I just had to become a follower.  Then I saw she is having a Give-a-Way.  Hop on over and take a peek...

Raggedy Ann World


Saturday Matinee in honor of Elizabeth Taylor: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

photo from IMDb
In honor of Ms. Taylor AND Tennesee Williams because I LOVE LOVE LOVE him, too....oh and Paul Newman isn't so bad, either. "Brick, an alcoholic ex-football player, drinks his days away and resists the affections of his wife, Maggie. His reunion with his father, Big Daddy, who is dying of cancer, jogs a host of memories and revelations for both father and son." From IMDb

This is another of my favorites.  I know I say that alot but I do love this era of films, costumes, etc.  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof does not disappoint in either.  I am also a HUGE fan of Tennessee Williams.  His work was almost an obsession of mine during college when I studied Theatre.  I was in A Streetcar Named Desire
, more on that when I do a review. I designed costumes for A Streetcar Named Desire
, as well.  I did many scene studies of his work and set design of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman do an amazing portrayal of Maggie and Brick.  Burl Ives plays Big Daddy wonderfully while Judith Anderson plays Big Momma in an extremely annoying way, but I think that is the character, not the actress.  "Although the film did not win any Academy Awards, it received several nominations including Best Picture, Best Actor (Newman), Best Actress (Taylor), and Best Director (Brooks). The film also received nominations for Best Cinematography, Color (William Daniels), and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium" from Wikipedia.  This makes me wonder WHAT won that of course I looked it up on Wikipedia.  Well "Gigi" won best picture and a host of other awards, breaking "Gone With the Wind's" record, but only for one year because a year late Ben Hur winds even more.  Best Actress that year went to Susan Hayward in "I Want to Live", which is a movie I LOVE and have since I was a little girl (why my mom let me watch it at a young age, I do not know...). did not WIN any awards but that does not mean it is not a good movie....

Paul Newman is a hottie....
 There is usually a scene where the female lead wears a slip in Williams plays and Elizabeth Taylor does it very well...
Burl Ives as Big Daddy Pollitt
Even in Black and White here eyes are mesmerising

 If you are a fan of Taylor, Newman, Ives, or Tennessee William's plays....or maybe you just like good mid century movies with stylish costumes...this is a must see movie.


Photos from Yahoo! images.  Video clip from Youtube.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Just some Friday ramblings...

The Hubbie and I went out last night with my bestie, Cathy.  We were supposed to have a Girls Night Out (Cathy and I) but those plans fell through when I did not get off my bottom and purchase the tickets we needed in time.  Oh well, we had a WONDERFUL time out with David.  We started off at Bone Daddy's House of Smoke.  This is one of those places the waitresses dress sexy (I do not get their outfits but I am not a man ~shrug~ but they are cute gals and extra friendly, usually).  The food their is O M G awesome.  Even doing low carb, I can get a chopped beef or chicken salad and still be "ok".  But last night was not a low carb night....More on that in a few....

I wore a cute sundress with a black short sleave sweater, it was warm when I started getting dressed but by the time we got finished with dinner, it turned I should have opted for a long sleeve sweater.

Dress from Ross (they had some really cute vintage looking dresses the last time I was there)
Sweater is really old from my closet...but might need to be replaced as there is a rip in the sleeve...booooo...I love this sweater.
Brooch inherited from Greatma
Shoes (although I have already taken them, my stocking, etc off...) were cute flats fit for dancing.  Adorned with bows.
Hair bows are from Hobby Lobby.....I buy them when they are half off so they are super cheap.

I had finally got my hair to do good with a flip and bouffant bump but it fell by the end of the was very windy.

After dinner we headed to Sambuca 360, I posted about this place in a blog post a few weeks ago.  It was different this time.  No so crowded and a different band.  When we went in, the waitress asked if we would be having dinner.  We said no and she said something like "ok...sit anywhere you like".  So we proceeded to go in find a place to sit...we started out in this little section of the club but moved when we saw some tables that looked more comfortable...when we sat there I noticed a "reserved" sign so we moved back to the first little section.  Cathy needed to excuse herself for a bit so we waited there before going to the bar for drinks (there was not a waitress in biggie...again the place was NOT crowded so we would find another seat if these got "taken").  In the mean time, David went to the find Cathy a menu because she had never been there and did not know what drinks were special, etc.  When he got back a waiter (I guess he was a waiter, he tried to take our order but MAN...his appearance was not well kept for a waiter in this place) came over to take our drink order.  Cathy had some questions which he did not answer, just kind of gave her a weird "look" she leaned over to ask David that the waiter was just irritate, kind of threw up a hand, and walked away.  OH NO HE DIDN't?  You might ask...and I say OH YES, HONEY, HE DID!!!!  So I asked that David NOT order with this freak and shot him a "WTHeck" look (I did this quietly but I guess the waiter dude knew).  When David left, the waiter made a scene about how we were sitting in the VIP area and did not reserve it.  How were we supposed to know this?  There were NO signs, the girl at the front told us to site "anywhere", we were there for quiet awhile between moving around, the last time we were there it was NOT a VIP section, etc etc etc...  Then another young man came over to take our order and I said that my hubie already went to the bar to take care of it.  To that we were informed that we needed to move because that section was reserved for VIPs.  So I got up and went to the bar to let David know that we needed to sit elsewhere.  It was rather embarrassing, it should have been marked.  We would not have sat in a reserved spot...we MOVED from another reserved spot. 

So when we got to the bar, the bartender was having problems with Cathy's drink.  He got the glass stuck in the shaker thing.  David, my hubbie who is not a bartender was helping him get the glass unstuck.  The bartender walked off and left David to do HIS job.  So David got it unstuck and gave it to Cathy.  This bartender is really nice and even brought drinks to our table thru the night, which was cool, but goodness his flaw did not end with drink David discovered that the bartender gave him the WRONG AMEX???!!!??? He took his students to lunch and the restaurant ran "his" card four times and it was declined....then they all discovered it was not his card.  The man who the card belonged to got David's card and had already called in to AMEX so both cards were cancelled.  Good grief!!!! I just not understand how this bartender could be so careless...and it was carelessness because he remembered David from other times we had been in the joint.

Anyway...back to the club.  We should have known the evening was going to go south before we even walked in.  Cathy got her toe stepped on by some amazon wearing heavy platform shoes...Cathy had on sandals.  After we got moved, Cathy got her drink, sans cocktail shaker,  and settled down to have some fun...I got the worst stomache ache.  I tried to be a trooper and deal with it but after an hour or so I could not take it and both David and Cathy noticed the bad look onj my face and decided we should leave. 

We all just assumed it was something I ate...but we all ate pretty much the same thing.  I thought more about it and think it is my vitamins.  I started using pre-natal vitamins yesterday and think they upset my tummy.  It is still unsettled today but the pain I was feeling passed, pretty much. 

I started on pre-natal vitamins because I read in a fertility book that you should start taking those while TRYING to conceive to get your body ready...and they have other good benefits like strong nails, pretty skin, and healthy hair.  We have been without birth control since the beginning so I am thinking I need to find out why nothing has happened in the baby department.  I am just pretty much scared to see a doctor about this and find out something that will burst my baby bubble...  I am also no longer doing a strict low carb diet.  I was having trouble sticking to it this go, anyway, but now I am unclear which diet I should follow.  I know I still need to loose so when I do conceive I can have an easier time and healthy baby....and of course there is the vanity reason to loose.

So now dinner is in the oven and almost time to bless the bread and I wish you all a Blessed Friday.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Butterfield 8

One of my most favorite Elizabeth Taylor movies in Butterfield 8.  She plays a disturbed woman who is employed as a model so the costumes are amazing.  Lots of pretty dresses she must wear around town to be photographed in.  Even her "down time" outfits are amazing....and of course she appears in that gorgeous slip and mink coat.  I enjoy the story very much, too, but I do not know what makes me watch this more, the costumes or the story....or Elizabeth Taylor.  Laurence Harvey stars in Butterfield 8, as well, and even though he is very handsome and I enjoy looking at him, his caracter really gets on my ever last nerve.

BUtterfield 8 was named for a list of old Manhattan telephone prefixes that was used to place calls in NYC up until the 1960’s.  Gloria Wonderous, Taylor's character, gave Mr. Ligget a gift of a lighter with BU 8 in-graved into the side so he would always have her number. Gloria would call in to get her messages.  It seems to be like an answering service, as well.  Since I was not alive during the time such prefixes were used, I have no experience with them except for hearing them in movies and older television programs.

The film was based on a 1935 novel, BUtterfield 8 , written by John O’Hara, however there was,  little resemblance of the book in the film.  I read the book after I saw the movie, years later, in fact, and can honestly say that there was not much similarity, although I enjoyed both.

"Gloria Wandrous (Elizabeth Taylor) wakes up in wealthy executive Weston Liggett's (Laurence Harvey) apartment and finds Liggett has left her $250. Insulted, Gloria, whose dress is torn, takes Liggett's wife Emily's mink coat to cover herself and scrawls "No Sale" in lipstick on the mirror. But she orders her telephone exchange, BUtterfield 8, to put Liggett through if he should call.
Gloria visits a childhood friend, pianist Steve Carpenter (Eddie Fisher), in his Greenwich Village apartment. He chastises Gloria for wasting her life on one-night stands, but agrees to ask his girlfriend Norma (Susan Oliver) to lend her a dress. Gloria leaves, whereupon Norma jealously gives Steve an ultimatum: He must choose between her and Gloria.
Liggett takes a train to the countryside where his wife Emily (Dina Merrill) is caring for her mother. A friend, Bingham Smith (Jeffrey Lynn), advises him to end his adulterous relationships and return to Bing's law firm instead of working for the chemical business of Emily's father.
Gloria lies to her doting mother Annie (Mildred Dunnock), claiming to have spent the night at Norma's. A neighbor, Fanny Thurber (Betty Field), insinuates that Gloria spends many nights in less than virtuous circumstances.
Liggett returns home. Finding the lipstick and money, he phones Gloria to explain the money was meant for her dress, which he had torn." from Wikipedia.  This explanation softens Ms. Wonderous, a bit, and she says she MIGHT be in the area where Ligget will be later that night. As usual, I will not spoil the movie and let you watch to see what me in saying this is not a movie to be missed if you enjoy mid century fashions or seeing Elizabeth Taylor in prime form.

She throws this beautiful coat back in the closet and takes the mink instead.

from IMDb
One thing the movie sorta, kinda glosses over is the fact that Gloria was part call girl.  "John O'Hara's 1935 novel BUtterfield 8 was based on the life and death of a real-life call girl named Starr Faithfull." From Turner Classic Movies .  Sure, Ligget leaves her money and Gloria is offended, he later offers her an apartment and allowances to live to be his mistress, she stabs his foot with her stiletto....but in the movie she is just a slut, nympho, and alcoholic.  This was much more proper for the Production Code of 1959 /1960.  The same thing was done with Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Holly Golightly was a high priced (for the time) call girl in the book while in the movie she was a model who met up with men in night clubs.  The men gave her money for the powder room, usually 50 dollars (!!!!), I assume to tip the matron (?) and she pocketed the change.  Maybe I have a weird opinion of this subject but I do not see why being a nympho, slut, loose woman, and alcoholic is so much better than earning a living with what these ladies where going to do anyway?  I could write and write on this subject (and have in other venues) but this blog is not the place for my soap box on this subject.

She brushes her teeth with the scotch in her glass. Reminds me of the Kesha song, Tik Tok

Butterfield 8 is highly recommended by me and I will watch it again and again.  To tie this into the Oscars here are the awards it won and was nominated for...
"It won the Academy Award for Best Actress (Elizabeth Taylor) and was nominated for Best Cinematography, Color for 1960. It was also nominated for the Best Actress - Drama Golden Globe Award for the same year's releases." from Wikipedia

from Apartment Therapy (huh? odd where one might find photos)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wise Old Owls...yep, more owls.

I found some cuties while treasure hunting this week.....

Wouldn't he be a welcome addition to any owl collection?

 These cuties are super heavy.  Chalkware and so mysterious with their reddish eyes.

 This one is a Courac of Monterey Serving Tray.  The owl is inlaid in the plastic and had several rhinestones around the owl design.  Very retro and very cute.  His eyes are mesmerising.

These are all listed in my Etsy Shop, Girlie Girl's Notions and Vintage Kitsch.

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Happy Birthday Dear Elizabeth....And Get Well Soon!!!!

photo from ET Online
Elizabeth Taylor, as I am sure you know, has been hospitalised "for treatment of congestive heart failure, a condition she disclosed she had back in November 2004...She was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center more than a week ago and will remain in the hospital under observation "for the time being," declared Taylor's publicist, Jamie Cadwell, this past Friday, Feb. 18, 2011.
According to her spokeswoman, Sally Morrison, Taylor, "has continued to show great improvement, and her family and friends are very pleased with her progress" from CBS News.  I wish her a speedy recovery and would like to honor her upcoming birthday (February 27th) with a blog post dedicated to her as part of my celebration of the Oscars.

photo from Yahoo! Images
Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born in Hampstead, a wealthy district of North West London, on February 27, 1932.  Shortly before WWII, her family decided to move to California to avoid war hostilities in Europe.  The Taylors were shortly introduced to " Andrea Berens, a wealthy English socialite and also fiancĂ©e of Cheever Cowden, chairman and major stockholder of Universal Pictures in Hollywood. Berens insisted that Sara bring Elizabeth to see Cowden who, she was adamant, would be dazzled by Elizabeth's breathtaking dark beauty; she was born with a mutation that caused double rows of eyelashes, which enhanced her appearance on camera. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer soon took interest in the British youngster as well but she failed to secure a contract with them after an informal audition with producer John Considine had shown that she couldn't sing. However, on 18 September 1941, Universal Pictures signed Elizabeth to a six-month renewable contract at $100 a week" from Wikepedia.

Her first motion picture, at the age of nine, was There's One Born Every Minute. And although she was released from her contract with Universal because some thought "She can't sing, she can't dance, she can't perform. What's more, her mother has to be one of the most unbearable women it has been my displeasure to meet" Liz:An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor, by C. David Heymann. This did not slow her career down as her agent,  Myron Selznick (brother of David), quickly secured a contract for her at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for a three month contract to appear as "Priscilla" in the film Lassie Come Home. Elizabeth  was in many films durring her childhood but it was her film National Velvet that launched Taylor to stardom at the tender age of 12.

After the success of National Velvet and a few more films Elizabeth was able to demand a contract earning her $750 per week, her mother $250, as well as a $1,500 bonus.  Through the years, her salary and contract grew with her film success and she went on to star in many many box office hits.  So many in fact that if I highlighted every one of them....this blog would only be about Elizabeth Taylor and could become a FULL TIME hobby.  She also married a few men during her career.  Both of these, I will leave you to explore on your own with a quick Google or Yahoo! search.  Instead I am going to do a few blog posts in the next few days about MY favorite Elizabeth Taylor movies.  I hope you stay tuned and help honor her Birthday with me by reading about these films and hopefully I can inspire you to watch or re-watch a few. 

So in honor of the great Dame Elizabeth Taylor ( DBE ) and to wish her a speedy recovery, very happy birthday and to just show everyone how beautiful and wonderful she is...I leave you with a few of my favorite Liz images...

Still beautiful in her golden years.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oscar Party Games

The Oscars are a big event in our home.  I try to see all the movies nominated for, at least, the big awards.  I love the glamour, the celebration, and the spectacle of it all. From the red carpet arrival to the announcement of the Best Motion Picture award, I am glued to my TV.There are, however, some awards that I am not all that I might try some of these games during the "down time"...

Mock Oscars Awards

Stage your own awards ceremony and give out replica Oscar statues.
Suggested Award Categories:
  • Best dressed
  • Most red-carpet ready
  • Prediction Winner (person who correctly guessed the winners in each category)
  • The guest who can give the best impromptu, improvised acceptance speech
  • Best host jab at an award nominee
  • Best karaoke performance

There's nothing like having a good 'ol drinking game to spice up the always-incredibly long Oscars ceremony.
You can make up your own Oscar-specific rules on this special night or try one of our ideas.

  • Every time a TV hosts asks a female celebrity 'Who made your dress?' during red-carpet arrivals, take a drink.
  • Every time someone tearfully thanks his or her agent, take a drink.
  • Every time a speech-giving winner gets cut off by the orchestra, take a drink.
  • Each time a celeb tells their kids to go to bed, take a drink
  • Whenever the camera pans over to Jack Nicholson, take a drink.

For a fun betting game on who will win at the Oscars:
1. Have your guests arrive an hour early for the Oscars broadcast to fill out ballots. (This is a great opportunity to serve up some delicious cocktails and apps, too!)
2. Download and print a pre-made ballot from the official Academy Awards website.
3. Gather around for the show, watch, enjoy and prepare to collect (or shell out!) some cash.

All photos from Google Images
Party Ideas from Celebrations


Monday, February 21, 2011

Tupperware: A growing addiction.

I have a growing addiction.  At least THIS addiction is one with use...I can not get enough Tupperware.

"Tupperware is the name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home, which were first introduced to the public in 1946." from Wikidedia

I have wanted to be a Tupperware lady for as long as I can remember.  When I was young, I just thought of it as a reason to be the center of attention at a party...I could stand up, all the ladies would listen to ME talking about BURPING and it would be OK.  How cool is that?
 Well, I never became a Tupperware lady and I think those days are over...I know they are still "out there" but it just isn't the same...ya know? 

My momma used to go to Tupperware parties and she and my aunts always had a growing supply of sippie cups, tumblers, and strainers in the popular, of the day, colors.  My mom's color was avocado green. that is a color that is dominating my kitchen "re do" plans.

photo from
Tupperware was a part of my child hood.  We ate spaghetti-os out of Tupperware bowls and in the off chance that we had leftovers, we could keep them fresh with the "locked in freshness"

We drank Kool-aid from the pastel tumblers and were WARNED within an inch of our lives not to put them on the bottom basket of the dishwasher.  Momma had her special Dr. Pepper glass and we were NOT to use it...but we always did.

There were even Tupperware toys...and we had them. 

The thing is, going to a Tupperware party is a social event and when everyone are ordering things, you do not want to be the odd lady out.  You gotta keep up with the "Jones" and buy the Harvest Gold canisters.

"Tupperware is still sold mostly through a party plan, with rewards for hosts. A Tupperware party is run by a Tupperware consultant for a host who invites friends and neighbors into his or her home to see the product line. Tupperware hosts are rewarded with free products based on the level of sales made at their party. Parties also take place in workplaces, schools, and other community groups.

photo from
Tupperware created a means for the housewife to maintain her obligations in the domestic sphere of the household while creating an independence from the home in a sociable atmosphere. The Tupperware Party allowed for women of the 1950s to work and enjoy the benefits of earning an income without completely taking away the independence granted to women during the Second World War when women first began entering the labor market, all the while keeping their focus in the domestic domain. The "Party" model builds on characteristics generally developed by being a housewife (e.g. party planning, hosting a party, sociable relations with friends and neighbors) and created an alternative choice for women who either needed or wanted to work. The reciprocity that emerges at the “parties” which are traditionally composed of friends and family members of the hostess create a nurturing atmosphere without a direct sales feeling. Studies show that the creation of the “Tupperware party” is a gendered construct aimed at appeasing the general ethos of the domestic arrangements of the era where men were the sole earners and it was the women's responsibility to manage the housework. Earl Tupper invented the plastic for Tupperware in 1938, however the product only worked with the emergence of the sale through presentation in a party setting. This reflects in the empowerment it gave women in a setting of gossip and game playing the ability to sell and create a role for individuals outside of the domestic realm. It has been argued that the repercussions of the Tupperware boom in American households and the American economy are the elevation of the status of women in the labor market along with status within the home and facilitating their entrance into the labor market in further years." from Wikipedia

 Here are some more from my collection.  I am always on the look out for Tupperware and find the best deals at Estate Sales.  Most of the time they are very well kept, if not, I pass and wait for the next one to come along.

This is a great piece to keep deviled eggs in while transporting to a pot luck.  Also great for transporting hard boiled eggs and decorated eggs for Easter egg hunts.
I especially love the Tupperware molds.  They are great for Jello mold recipes or deviled crab molds.  Some come with interchangable tops to mold in a decoration.  So cute!!!!

mine was actually being used so I borrowed this pic from a sale on
Tupperware has been passed over in some homes for the cheaper Gladware and Rubbermaid.  You can buy both at any superstore or market...but with them, you get what you pay for.  I can bet that you will not see Gladware show up at Estate Sales in 20, 30, 50 plus years....!!!!

You can find out more about Tupperware by visiting the Wikipedia links through-out this post or go to

I can not wait to take my Tupperware along to all my Spring and Summer pic-nics, pot luck parties and beach bashes.

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