Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skirt Fetish

I have a name for my obsession....SKIRT FETISH!!!!  I have been slowly, ok not TOO slowly, collecting a massive amount of skirts.  Skirts are good to me.  With my granny arms, I find dresses hard to fit but a cute skirt can usually be found AND I get my true size.  I do not have to get a larger size JUST for those wavey granny arms.

It is true I love skirts from each season but something about a soft cotton skirt from spring makes me happy.  I buy several every spring, I just can not help it.  I do not care where they come from, I buy them from Nieman's, Chico, Wal Mart, and this year I discovered Goodwill has them so inexpensive that I can have a new skirt for each day of spring.

Because I had such a hard time leaving a skirt behind AND I have so many that are too big or too small...I am going to sell some on eBay.  Since I have so many each are barely worn and just sitting in boxes.  I need the space, the cash will be nice, and I would rather pass them on to someone who can love them.

Here are some recent skirts I have found while at Goodwill.  Some are great brands.

Norton McNaughton 18

Valerie Stevens 12

Izod 20

Casual Corner 14

Tevan 14

Dress Barn 18

Faded Glory 16

Nicole Miller 10

Avenue Blues 18

Cold Water Creek 20
Were them with a soft sweater twin set in early spring or a stretchy T or tank top when the sun gets warmer.  Casual or dressy and perfect to pack in a tote for a romantic weekend away.  Skirts are the perfect item of clothing.

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  1. They are all awesome! Beautiful skirts! I love the Tevan 14! Darn Just not my size!

  2. What a pretty collection. My problem with spring skirts is that I really don't like my legs without tights - too pale, plus usually a ton of bruises and the odd mark from an ingrown hair. Gosh I paint a lovely picture don't I? Still I'm guessing brown legs are easy to come by in Texas!

  3. What a lovely collection! I love skirts too. And like you I can wear newly thrifted skirts each day in spring and summer. I love wearing it, gives a hint of floral or prints in your outfit. You go girl!!!

  4. I wear skirts every day and my favorite ones are thrifted ones! I also ALWAYS check out the wrap skirts for refashioning projects - so much extra fabric to work with! :-)