Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Matinee: Niagra with Marilyn Monroe

"Ray and Polly Cutler (Max Showalter and Jean Peters) on a delayed honeymoon at Niagara Falls, find their reserved cabin occupied by George and Rose Loomis (Joseph Cotten and Marilyn Monroe). They politely accept another, less-desirable cabin, and the two couples become acquainted.
George and Rose have a troubled marriage. She is younger and very attractive. He is jealous, depressed and irritable. It is implied that he may have recently been discharged from an Army mental hospital. While touring the falls the following day, Polly sees Rose passionately kissing a man, Patrick. That evening the Cutlers witness George's rage. Rose joins an impromptu party and George storms out and breaks a record playing a tune that he suspects has a secret meaning for Rose.
What George does not know is that Rose is planning his murder. The next day she lures him into following her to the dark tourist tunnel underneath the Falls. There Patrick is to kill him. Patrick is to request the nearby carillon to play the special song to let Rose know that George is dead. By chance, the tune is played and Rose concludes George is murdered...." from Wikipedia  There is more to this synopsis of plot but I do not want to spoil the movie...I want you to watch it and enjoy the plot twists.

from This is Marilyn
My Mawma got this movie for us to watch as soon as it was available on VHS.  I loved it at first showing.  Marilyn, of course, oozed sex but her acting was...well...I do not think many love her for her acting.  her first scene opened with her in bed, nude, with legs sprawled under the sheets.  Hair messy, smoking...but with perfect red lips.  Sexy.

The costumes were glorious.  Marilyn wore many tight "wiggle" skirted suits and dresses while Mrs. Cutlers wears clothing of a "sweeter" nature, loose fitting circle skirts.  The men were dressed in loose pleated pants and cabana shirts, things they might wear on vacation.  There were a few scenes where Mr. Cutler would have on a suit or jacket and tie, but most of the time the costumes reflected a relaxed style of vacation wear.  They were in Niagara Falls, afterall.

I searched and could not find any photos of the gentlemen in this film, except for one with Rose's lover in a parka and then one with George in a loose jacket.  Not very exciting.  Most of the photos, as you can see, are of Marilyn.  Not surprised in the least at this.  Photos from Yahoo! Images

I enjoy this film, mostly for the costumes, scenery, and Marilyn.  I enjoy her in this because she is not playing a dumb blonde.  I enjoy THAT, too, but it gets old (as it got old for HER playing the dumb blonde if biographies I have read were accurate).

Here is some fun trivia for you...

Rose (Marilyn Monroe)'s walk across some cobblestones holds the record for the longest walk in cinema history - 116 feet of film.

Even though she had a starring role, Marilyn Monroe was still under contract to 20th Century-Fox as a stock actor at a fixed salary, so she actually made less money than her make-up man did.

To see this and more trivia, go to the Internet Movie Database, but be warned there are plot spoilers.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Help me clean my closets: Getting rid of size 4X - 26W/28W GREAT LABELS

I will be listing these items on next week.  I wanted to put them on here to offer them to my readers and friends, first.  The prices will be the starting price of the auctions but I would love to get rid of them without involving and their growing fees.  I tried pricing them for what I have been averaging on but will take consider offers. If you are local, we can arrange pick-up and you can try them on.  If you are not local, please understand that I will add shipping to the final price and take paypal.

J. Jill Black Velvet Skirt.
Size 4X - Long, Mid Calf on 5'6" Woman
Very pretty  20.00 (will ship for 5.00)

Venezia from Lane Bryant Wrap Dress
Size 26 / 28
Sexy and Flattering  20.00 (will ship for  5.00)

SOLDVenezia by Lane Bryant Denim Skort
I like these better than shorts because the skirt hides the shorts riding up....yet you still have the cover of shorts.
Cute and great for warmer weather.  10.00 SOLD

Black Long Flowing Skirt
Cool Cotton Size 26 / 28
Pretty and perfect for warm summer nights 5.00 (will ship for 5.00)

Torrid Short Tiered Black Skirt
Red Knit Size 3 (22 /24)
Hott and Sassy  10.00 (will ship for 5.00)

Torrid Short Tiered Black Skirt
Black Knit Size 4 (26 /28)
Hott and Sassy  10.00 (will Ship for 5.00)

Help me clean my closets!!!!


Dip-Dyed Stationary How To for Mother's Day

Dip-Dyed Stationery and Cards
Strike up a colorful correspondence using dip-dyed papers. Different papers will take fabric dye differently (and coated papers may not take it at all), so results can be surprising. We also dipped a roll of rayon seam binding, resulting in wide stripes. The pencils were dipped in white paint.

For the Pencils: How to Dip-Dye with PaintDon't worry about creating precise lines when dipping in paint; irregularities are part of the appeal. If you still have paint left over after dipping, pour it back into its can to use for future projects.
Tools and Materials
  • Stir stick
  • Water-based latex paint
  • Plastic container
  • HB Pencils, $1.75 for 6,
Pencil How-To1. Stir paint thoroughly, and pour into plastic container. Carefully dip pencil into paint. Once you've reached the desired line, slowly pull pencil out of paint.
For the Stationery: How to Dip-Dye with Fabric DyeWe used Rit liquid dyes in Scarlet, Denim, and Navy, and Rit powder dye in Gray ( You can combine colors for custom shades. Let the dye solution cool before dipping paper.
Tools and Materials
  • Announcement cards and envelopes, in Fluorescent White with deckle, $2.91 for 10; greeting cards and envelopes, in Fluorescent White with deckle, $3.67 for 10; and watercolor postcards, $2.83 for 15; all by Strathmore,
  • Shipping tag (#11005), $4.87 for 100,
  • Seam binding, $10 for 100 yards, from Daytona Trimming, 212-354-1713
  • Plastic storage bin or galvanized-steel bin
  • Stir stick
  • All-purpose liquid or powder dye
  • Paper towel, for sample
Stationery How-To
1. Fill plastic bin with hot water to a depth of at least 6 inches. Stir in dye, starting with a small amount and adding more as desired. Dip a sample strip of paper towel to test the color. If too dark, add water; if too light, add dye. Let solution settle, so there are no bubbles at the surface. 
2. Holding your paper as straight as possible, dip into dye solution to desired line. Keep paper in dye until it turns the desired color. Hang to dry.

Read more at Dip-Dyed Stationery and Cards - Martha Stewart Crafts
And I think these "Tissue Paper Flowers" would be a great compliment to the stationary or as an add-on to gift wrapping.

Tissue Paper Posies
Make Mom a sunny arrangement that will stay fresh forever. 

Tissue Paper Posies How-To:
1. Layer 5-by-15-inch sheets of tissue paper, alternating colors. Make 1-inch-wide accordion folds. 
2. Wrap 1 end of a pipe cleaner around the center of the folded paper, and twist to secure. Round the edges of the folded paper with scissors. 
3. Fan out folds, and gently pull apart each layer of tissue paper to create petals.
Read more at Tissue Paper Posies - Martha Stewart Holidays

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Y'all are all winners in my eyes but the winner of the Give-a-Way is....AND let's celebrate with a Quiche for Brunch!!!!

I had a great time with my Give-a-Way, reading all the nice comments, meeting new followers and reading their blogs.  I can not wait to do it again....  I am so sorry I did not announce the winner yesterday, time just got away from me and next thing I new it was time for Shabbot dinner.  So without further delay...the winner, picked in the old fashioned method of placing strips of paper with everyones name in a bean pot.... 

The winner is....

The Joyful Thrifter

Please contact me at with your addy and I will get that shipped out ASAP.  I do hope you enjoy the goodies and share some of the dishes you make from teh recipee book.

Saturday mornings are always better with Cofee and "Nookie", I will tell ya what "nookie" is in another is not what you might think.

Now for one of my Low Carb YUMMIE dishes....

Crustless Quiche.

This is such an easy dish and so filling and yummie.

I just look thru my fridge and find some things "I" think will be good and drag them out.  Todays I used

8 eggs
Generous splash of cream
Whipped REAL GOOD with a dash (or more in my case) of Tony's and Garlic

Half a tube of Jenni O Turkey Sausage Browned

Throw in some Cilanta


and brown that up crisp (I like it crisp)

add Spiniche to the egg mixture (be sure to drain the spinache REAL good.  I then use a slotted spoon to get even more moisture out)

Throw some Cheese in the bottom of a pretty pink Pyrex

Layer the Turkey Sausage on top of cheese

Pour on Egg and Spinache Mixture

Your oven should have been pre-heated to 350.

Now, this is important for easy clean-up, lay some foil on a cookie sheet and place the pretty pink Pyrex on top of foil covered cookie sheet.

Place in oven for 30 minutes....

Check and if you need more time...well...leave it in longer.  You will know when it is done because it will be firm and kind of "puffed" up from the pretty pink Pyrex.  To me, it looks like cornbread with stuff in it...LOL. 

It will calm down as you let it sit for awhile.

I do not measure or really follow the same steps eachtime...but it always turns out so good.  And it is Hubbie approved.

Very good with a dollap of salsa


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

"Going to see the bluebonnets" is becoming a tradition in the Powel household.  This is our second year to drive out to Ennis, Texas and drive along the official Bluebonnet Trails.  My family has always taken photos in ta field of bluebonnets throughout the years and I have taken several groups on the trails when I was working as a social director.  Bluebonnets just make me happy.  When I see them on the side of a long Texas Highway I get a bit nostalgic for "finals time" when I was at Texas A&M University.  I do not know why anyone would get nostalgic for that time of year but I do.  It was a lot of fun THAT time of year.  Lots of "all nighters" eating junk food, playing pranks, joking around at the sorority house...and sometimes even studying.  As David and I drove down HI 45 we saw a bunch of papers flying by and it made me think someone has lost their term paper.

This year they were absolutely beautiful.  We follow the map put out by the Ennis Garden Club, they know the best roads to take.  Some fields have gone to seed but there are still lots and lots to see.  If you are in Texas during the March into April, I hope you make time to moasie thru Ennis and stop for photo opps.  They really do make the BEST spring photos.

We even made some new friends.

We found a park with a lake.  It was so peaceful, we were the only people there.
If you would like to read more about the Texas State flower, the Bluebonnet, you can check out Aggie Horticulture, Go Texas, or do a google search to find any number of sites with lots of info.

There are many reasons we Texans are proud of our big ole state...and the Bluebonnets are just about the prettiest reason.