Friday, April 29, 2011

Help me clean my closets: Getting rid of size 4X - 26W/28W GREAT LABELS

I will be listing these items on next week.  I wanted to put them on here to offer them to my readers and friends, first.  The prices will be the starting price of the auctions but I would love to get rid of them without involving and their growing fees.  I tried pricing them for what I have been averaging on but will take consider offers. If you are local, we can arrange pick-up and you can try them on.  If you are not local, please understand that I will add shipping to the final price and take paypal.

J. Jill Black Velvet Skirt.
Size 4X - Long, Mid Calf on 5'6" Woman
Very pretty  20.00 (will ship for 5.00)

Venezia from Lane Bryant Wrap Dress
Size 26 / 28
Sexy and Flattering  20.00 (will ship for  5.00)

SOLDVenezia by Lane Bryant Denim Skort
I like these better than shorts because the skirt hides the shorts riding up....yet you still have the cover of shorts.
Cute and great for warmer weather.  10.00 SOLD

Black Long Flowing Skirt
Cool Cotton Size 26 / 28
Pretty and perfect for warm summer nights 5.00 (will ship for 5.00)

Torrid Short Tiered Black Skirt
Red Knit Size 3 (22 /24)
Hott and Sassy  10.00 (will ship for 5.00)

Torrid Short Tiered Black Skirt
Black Knit Size 4 (26 /28)
Hott and Sassy  10.00 (will Ship for 5.00)

Help me clean my closets!!!!


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