Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outfit Post: 1950's Style Wrap Dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress.  It is one of my favorites yet I have only worn it twice.  I am sure, now that the weather is getting ...eh...no IS warmer, I will wear it more often.  The only thing I do not like is that it is sleeveless and I HATE my arms.  It would look so much better without the sweater.  Oh well, it is not the cute little dress's fault I HATE my arms.

It is of the 1950's wrap dress style.  Comfortable, cool, stylish, and very flattering. 

I picked this up second hand for about 10 bucks....I am pretty sure it was not much more than that.  The white eyelet sweater is perfect for my sleeveless and sun dresses, very thin and the eyelet design makes it very summery. I think.  I bought that at Ross.  The bangles I bought at an antique store, the silver chain was my anniversary present, I love the the lock says T &Co....who doesn't love Tiffany's and what a bonus that it just happens to be my name...talk about personalised!!!!

The 1950's style of wrap dress is a bit different from the much more "talked about" Diane Von Furstenberg style of wrap dress. 

"A climax to the American sportswear wrapping tradition came in the 1970s via the sensation of Von Furstenberg's wrap dress. Its fundamental form was already deeply embedded in the American designer sportswear tradition; a new woman designer translated the style into 1970s fabrics and colors, generally brighter, bolder, and more synthetic (and stretchy) than the early examples to which the silhouette and design principle are indebted." (from Met Museum)

I have worn "wrap" style dresses for as long as I can remember.  They are very flattering to a fuller figure.  Also, they are very forgiving as I go up and down sizes (ALL. THE. TIME.)

Here are some that I rotate in and out of my wardrobe with the seasons.

Mock Wrap Dress...just as flattering. From Lane Bryant.

1950s Style Linen Wrap Dress

Mock Wrap Dress from Lane Bryant

I love how the contrasting fabric is HOT PINK.  YUM!!!!

I do not know who the designer is on this one...it has been with me for AGES.  I wore it when David proposed so it will stay with me, I am sure.

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