Thursday, April 21, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

"Going to see the bluebonnets" is becoming a tradition in the Powel household.  This is our second year to drive out to Ennis, Texas and drive along the official Bluebonnet Trails.  My family has always taken photos in ta field of bluebonnets throughout the years and I have taken several groups on the trails when I was working as a social director.  Bluebonnets just make me happy.  When I see them on the side of a long Texas Highway I get a bit nostalgic for "finals time" when I was at Texas A&M University.  I do not know why anyone would get nostalgic for that time of year but I do.  It was a lot of fun THAT time of year.  Lots of "all nighters" eating junk food, playing pranks, joking around at the sorority house...and sometimes even studying.  As David and I drove down HI 45 we saw a bunch of papers flying by and it made me think someone has lost their term paper.

This year they were absolutely beautiful.  We follow the map put out by the Ennis Garden Club, they know the best roads to take.  Some fields have gone to seed but there are still lots and lots to see.  If you are in Texas during the March into April, I hope you make time to moasie thru Ennis and stop for photo opps.  They really do make the BEST spring photos.

We even made some new friends.

We found a park with a lake.  It was so peaceful, we were the only people there.
If you would like to read more about the Texas State flower, the Bluebonnet, you can check out Aggie Horticulture, Go Texas, or do a google search to find any number of sites with lots of info.

There are many reasons we Texans are proud of our big ole state...and the Bluebonnets are just about the prettiest reason.


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