Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oscar Party Games

The Oscars are a big event in our home.  I try to see all the movies nominated for, at least, the big awards.  I love the glamour, the celebration, and the spectacle of it all. From the red carpet arrival to the announcement of the Best Motion Picture award, I am glued to my TV.There are, however, some awards that I am not all that into...so I might try some of these games during the "down time"...

Mock Oscars Awards

Stage your own awards ceremony and give out replica Oscar statues.
Suggested Award Categories:
  • Best dressed
  • Most red-carpet ready
  • Prediction Winner (person who correctly guessed the winners in each category)
  • The guest who can give the best impromptu, improvised acceptance speech
  • Best host jab at an award nominee
  • Best karaoke performance

There's nothing like having a good 'ol drinking game to spice up the always-incredibly long Oscars ceremony.
You can make up your own Oscar-specific rules on this special night or try one of our ideas.

  • Every time a TV hosts asks a female celebrity 'Who made your dress?' during red-carpet arrivals, take a drink.
  • Every time someone tearfully thanks his or her agent, take a drink.
  • Every time a speech-giving winner gets cut off by the orchestra, take a drink.
  • Each time a celeb tells their kids to go to bed, take a drink
  • Whenever the camera pans over to Jack Nicholson, take a drink.

For a fun betting game on who will win at the Oscars:
1. Have your guests arrive an hour early for the Oscars broadcast to fill out ballots. (This is a great opportunity to serve up some delicious cocktails and apps, too!)
2. Download and print a pre-made ballot from the official Academy Awards website.
3. Gather around for the show, watch, enjoy and prepare to collect (or shell out!) some cash.

All photos from Google Images
Party Ideas from Celebrations



  1. How fun! Maybe I'll have a party, it's been too long!

  2. Drinking game, especially "who made your dress," would likely leave you in a week long coma. Like the "Jack" game too. Very funny.

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