Friday, February 25, 2011

Just some Friday ramblings...

The Hubbie and I went out last night with my bestie, Cathy.  We were supposed to have a Girls Night Out (Cathy and I) but those plans fell through when I did not get off my bottom and purchase the tickets we needed in time.  Oh well, we had a WONDERFUL time out with David.  We started off at Bone Daddy's House of Smoke.  This is one of those places the waitresses dress sexy (I do not get their outfits but I am not a man ~shrug~ but they are cute gals and extra friendly, usually).  The food their is O M G awesome.  Even doing low carb, I can get a chopped beef or chicken salad and still be "ok".  But last night was not a low carb night....More on that in a few....

I wore a cute sundress with a black short sleave sweater, it was warm when I started getting dressed but by the time we got finished with dinner, it turned I should have opted for a long sleeve sweater.

Dress from Ross (they had some really cute vintage looking dresses the last time I was there)
Sweater is really old from my closet...but might need to be replaced as there is a rip in the sleeve...booooo...I love this sweater.
Brooch inherited from Greatma
Shoes (although I have already taken them, my stocking, etc off...) were cute flats fit for dancing.  Adorned with bows.
Hair bows are from Hobby Lobby.....I buy them when they are half off so they are super cheap.

I had finally got my hair to do good with a flip and bouffant bump but it fell by the end of the was very windy.

After dinner we headed to Sambuca 360, I posted about this place in a blog post a few weeks ago.  It was different this time.  No so crowded and a different band.  When we went in, the waitress asked if we would be having dinner.  We said no and she said something like "ok...sit anywhere you like".  So we proceeded to go in find a place to sit...we started out in this little section of the club but moved when we saw some tables that looked more comfortable...when we sat there I noticed a "reserved" sign so we moved back to the first little section.  Cathy needed to excuse herself for a bit so we waited there before going to the bar for drinks (there was not a waitress in biggie...again the place was NOT crowded so we would find another seat if these got "taken").  In the mean time, David went to the find Cathy a menu because she had never been there and did not know what drinks were special, etc.  When he got back a waiter (I guess he was a waiter, he tried to take our order but MAN...his appearance was not well kept for a waiter in this place) came over to take our drink order.  Cathy had some questions which he did not answer, just kind of gave her a weird "look" she leaned over to ask David that the waiter was just irritate, kind of threw up a hand, and walked away.  OH NO HE DIDN't?  You might ask...and I say OH YES, HONEY, HE DID!!!!  So I asked that David NOT order with this freak and shot him a "WTHeck" look (I did this quietly but I guess the waiter dude knew).  When David left, the waiter made a scene about how we were sitting in the VIP area and did not reserve it.  How were we supposed to know this?  There were NO signs, the girl at the front told us to site "anywhere", we were there for quiet awhile between moving around, the last time we were there it was NOT a VIP section, etc etc etc...  Then another young man came over to take our order and I said that my hubie already went to the bar to take care of it.  To that we were informed that we needed to move because that section was reserved for VIPs.  So I got up and went to the bar to let David know that we needed to sit elsewhere.  It was rather embarrassing, it should have been marked.  We would not have sat in a reserved spot...we MOVED from another reserved spot. 

So when we got to the bar, the bartender was having problems with Cathy's drink.  He got the glass stuck in the shaker thing.  David, my hubbie who is not a bartender was helping him get the glass unstuck.  The bartender walked off and left David to do HIS job.  So David got it unstuck and gave it to Cathy.  This bartender is really nice and even brought drinks to our table thru the night, which was cool, but goodness his flaw did not end with drink David discovered that the bartender gave him the WRONG AMEX???!!!??? He took his students to lunch and the restaurant ran "his" card four times and it was declined....then they all discovered it was not his card.  The man who the card belonged to got David's card and had already called in to AMEX so both cards were cancelled.  Good grief!!!! I just not understand how this bartender could be so careless...and it was carelessness because he remembered David from other times we had been in the joint.

Anyway...back to the club.  We should have known the evening was going to go south before we even walked in.  Cathy got her toe stepped on by some amazon wearing heavy platform shoes...Cathy had on sandals.  After we got moved, Cathy got her drink, sans cocktail shaker,  and settled down to have some fun...I got the worst stomache ache.  I tried to be a trooper and deal with it but after an hour or so I could not take it and both David and Cathy noticed the bad look onj my face and decided we should leave. 

We all just assumed it was something I ate...but we all ate pretty much the same thing.  I thought more about it and think it is my vitamins.  I started using pre-natal vitamins yesterday and think they upset my tummy.  It is still unsettled today but the pain I was feeling passed, pretty much. 

I started on pre-natal vitamins because I read in a fertility book that you should start taking those while TRYING to conceive to get your body ready...and they have other good benefits like strong nails, pretty skin, and healthy hair.  We have been without birth control since the beginning so I am thinking I need to find out why nothing has happened in the baby department.  I am just pretty much scared to see a doctor about this and find out something that will burst my baby bubble...  I am also no longer doing a strict low carb diet.  I was having trouble sticking to it this go, anyway, but now I am unclear which diet I should follow.  I know I still need to loose so when I do conceive I can have an easier time and healthy baby....and of course there is the vanity reason to loose.

So now dinner is in the oven and almost time to bless the bread and I wish you all a Blessed Friday.



  1. Just a thought on your vitamins...I know a lot of women, myself included, have an aversion to iron. I could not take pre-natals because they made me so sick to my stomach, as does any otc vitamins with iron.

    Hope you're feeling better today!

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