Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas to all my followers....

With the next few days being very busy, I want to get a quick Merry Christmas out to all of y'all.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy time with family and friends.  Eat lots and lots, you can always start a diet afterwards.  LOL. 

If you are traveling, as Santa will be, be sure to relax and stay safe.  It is rainy and yucky here in Dallas, Texas.  We will be heading to Garland, Texas (just a short drive, really) to spend Christmas Eve at Aunt Dee's house.  Momma, A.J, Krystal, Joe, Jordan (I hope Jonathan, too), me and David and our cousin Justin will be there.  It will be so nice to see Justin.  I do not think I have seen him since I was in college and he still lived at Aunt Dee's old house in Dallas.

I just love these vintage cards I found.  I think the one with Santa is so classic.  My favorite is the sweet little reindeer.  The look so sweet on the front.  Then you open it up to see....

So there is a little holiday "tail" for you naughty cats and kittens....

Merry Christmas,


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