Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Car Trouble

The driveway (which is on an incline so hard to get out of when frozen) has finally thawed.  I had big plans to get out today and enjoy the (still) frigid air and run some errands.  I have library books due (one has not even been read), mail to send out (packages that I need to weigh and buy postage for), banking (hope my checking does not fall into overdraft), and of course, shopping.

My plans were abruptly derailed when I put key into the ignition and nothing happened.  Usually nothing happening is a good thing, but not when one is expecting that something to be the car starting.

So I am house bound again.  I do not mind being house bound but I prefer to plan for this.  It is not the fact that we have no food or drink in the house, because we have plenty.  A fridge stocked with Kimkins friendly food and a liquor cabinet bursting at the seems with good vodka (even some called Cotton Candy...YUM).   It is also not because of "nothing to do" that will drive me mad....I have plenty of sewing projects to work on, scrap booking and card making, maybe even some cleaning....but I do not want to do that.  I want to take care of my errands.  I hate leaving them undone.

Well, since I am home, I think I will just find something on the DVR to watch.  I already sat thru Hoarders.  It was the one with the man hoarding RATS!!!???!!! GROSS.  He had over 2000 rats.  Anyway...I think I will cuddle up on the sofa with Belle Starr and watch "The High Cost of Loving".  Recap to come.


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