Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reducing Day 3: - 2 and menu

This will be a quick "day three" post.  Once I am into the plan and on ketosis and it becomes more "routine" I will not be weighing everyday....who am I kidding, I will weigh...I just will spare you the details.  Maybe.  I will have an official "weigh in" day, probably Fridays.  But when it is coming off fast, in the beginning, it keeps me motivated to SEE IT.

So day three and minus 2 more pounds for 5 total so far. 

Today's Menu

B:  3 eggs w/cheese and turkey sausage
L:  chicken w/bell pepper, onions and pico
S:  EAS Shake
D:  Tuna Patties w/ LC ketchup and green beans

My menus usually have some changes as the day goes by.  I start out with good intentions as having my menu in place early, usually the day before, is what helped me to have so much success back in '07.  Now that I am cooking for two, things get changed.  David has his lunches catered everyday and if there are unopened pans of leftovers, he will bring some home.  Last night was one of those nights.  He brought home Fajita meat, sour cream, pico, salsa, and cheese.  We never have to buy grated cheese around here.  None of this stuff is "bad", as long as I measure and watch how much of it I consume.  The meat is full of sodium so David usually leaves that behind for the housekeepers but I still have the migraine and last night, it was a cooking was not on my agenda.

Hoping for a pain free head today.  So far, it is bearable.


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