Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reducing Day 4: Dieting Woes...Learning to stick to plan when life throws you a curve

Life threw a big ole curve in my Reducing Day 3.  David had been saying his knee was hurting since last week, while we were driving around Virginia, etc. 

He FINALLY decided to go to the doctor to see what was wrong and to get something for the pain.

We started off just at the Doctor's office but they were a bit concerned that he might have a blood off to the ER we went.  The nurse warned us that it might take as long as 5 hours for all of the tests.

This being dinner time, we were both hungry ready for a meal.  When dieting, esp the first week or so, I seem to get hungry fast and those meal times are important to keep to plan.

So....that's where the curve came in...and off plan I went to the vending machines for our dinner.  I really had good intentions.  I was craving the a Diet Dr Pepper....none to be I spied a Coke Zero.  THAT machine did not take credit cards.  So I settled on a Diet Mountain Dew.  Over to the snack vending machine....nothing in a vending machine is Kimkins or Low Carb approved.  Nothing!  So I picked the best I could....peanuts.  Then I spotted a honey bun and got that for David....his comfort food.  I shouldn't have comforted him in that way but he was hurting and at the time I thought I was doing good.  He LOVES honey buns and was happy when I showed him.  But I know that did not fill him up and in the long run, not good for him.

Of course the junk did not feel us all empty carbs and calories.

They did a few tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, etc....made us do a lot of waiting around.  However, it was not as long as we were told it could be.  Actually, only half the time.  I think we were out within 2 and a half hours.  No blood clot, THANK GOD, no broken bones (we kinda knew that already) so all they could do was fit him with a demobilizer and send him off with a 'script for pain meds. 

Since the vending machine dinner did not fill either of us up we decided on going out to a new favorite of mine.  Brick House in Plano.  We had been there once before and, although I liked the burger, I did not remember it being anything special.  David was the one "hurt" and having to go thru all the poking and testing so he got to pick where we went.  This place is made for a man.  They even have a HUGE sigh on the wall that says "Man Cave".  The waitresses are in white trash sluttiness.  Shorts way too tight, muffin tops even on some, but most are cute.  I know the men who go there like this look....or maybe after the TONS of beer they have on tap help that.  LOL.  Anyway....after last night, I have decided it is a favorite place....when I am not on a diet.  As I was no on a diet last night, obviously. 

We started off with Zucinni Curls, zuccinni lightly fried with ranch.  Take the "lightly fried" from that and it would be good for you (and watch the ranch)....but it was fired....PERFECTLY.

Then I had a mushroom swiss burger and David had the biggest hot dog I have ever seen.

I woke up to a gain....but just as the million times before, I will start again and get it off.  I must LOVE excuses cause I got a gazillion of them.

David has decided that he wants me to pick up some weight watchers meals for him to have for dinner.  Since I have no interest in a frozen meal, I think this will be a big help for me, as well.  No potatoes or noodles to "taste" so I should stick to what I am supposed to be eating, too.

I plan to get my housekeeping done today.  I have some of it completed but still need to vacceuum, sweep and mop.  Or maybe I will just go to a movie....  wonder if I can fit it all in and still do some shopping?


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