Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still snowed in....and finding new friends.

photo from Huffington Post

We are still snowed I say ICED Plano, Texas.  And have I got a bad case of cabin fever? BAD!!!
The one and only Estate Sale I saw listed for today was cancelled and the one I wanted to hit up tomorrow is a "no go", as well.  Just as good since I am not about to get out and drive on these roads.  I can not drive on ice, just do not have much experience and I am SCARED.  Scared of what I will do and VERY scared of what other drivers might do....which makes me even more of a crazy driver.  My car is a cute convertible, not supposed to be out in the cold.  I am so glad they postponed the sales so I still have a chance at all the yummie goodies.

Since I am cooped up in this nice warm house, I am catching up on my blog reading list and finding lots of new ones to follow.  Speaking of "following", I am at 31 followers!!!!  I can not believe that.  My other poor little blog, that I really never paid much attention to, is only at 6 followers after about a year and a half.  THIS Ramblings from a Girlie Girl Housewife is only a few months old and I have 31 followers and over 100 posts.  Just goes to show, when you post about what you will post more and your love for it will come through attracting people to your blog.

My other blog is for my event business....and it isn't that I dot LOVE events, I just do that so few and far between there is not much to write about, at this time.  Right now I am focused on our family and home and LOVE spending my time as David's housewife.  And I LOVE writing this blog.

Thank you to everyone who is following me and I have tried very hard to make sure I follow you, as well (hope I did not miss anyone).  I am so glad to have found such amazing blogs to follow...which lead me to others and all that jazz.

I am thinking of a cute give-a-way when I reach 50 followers.  Stay tuned for more details on that.

Thanks you!!!!


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