Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Texas Weather....if you don't like it....

Photo from Yahoo! News
Wait around, it is bound to change....

Remember this weekend, I was hanging my linens out on the line because it was a balmy 70 some-odd degrees?  Well....not today my dear readers.

We woke up to snow and sleet.  The dog was excited and the cat was bitchie....the weather had changed. 

I was very scared for David to be out driving in this weather but once his students are in town, he really can not cancel a class.  He promised to call me as soon as he got to the training center and I am VERY happy to report, he arrived safely. 

I am home-bound watching old movies with Belle Starr beside me on the sofa.  We may even take a nap later (well Ms. Starr is already napping, as usual).  Or maybe I will start on Simplicity 3673 since I have the fabric, there is no excuse not to.

We hear that this bad weather is going to stick around for a few days.  I have plenty to keep me busy around here...and I am sure I can fit in plenty of old movies, naps, and hot chocolate (well not too much with the carb count being 4 per serving on the diet variety).

Stay Warm,


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