Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrifting for pretty shiney things...WATERFORD CRYSTAL!!!!

I love shiny cut crystal and am lucky enough to have quiet a collection.  What I collect is Waterford.  Waterford table ware and a vast collection of vases.

Some I have received as gifts over the years and some we got as wedding gifts....but the ones that make me giddy are when I find them at rock bottom thrift prices.

I found the two salt shakers at an Estate Sale and paid 2 bucks for the pair.  Can you beleive the PROFESSIONAL estate sale company only marked these at 2.00???  I knew, off hand, that I was getting a deal but when I got home I looked these up online.  They still sell these at Neiman Marcus for 145.00!!!
 The Waterford Ring Dish was found at a Thrift Store and was 2.75.  I really do not need another ring dish but went ahead and bought it because it matches my Waterford vanity clock (another thrifty find about 10 years ago)..and really?  For 2.75, why not?  I looked this up, too and found it at Macy's for 65.00!!!!

 Waterford Crystal is always marked on the bottom (or on the bottom edge) with the "Waterford" mark.  You can not find it easily on older pieces but if you look very close, with squinted eyes, you will most likely see it etched in the crystal.  Also, most the the designs are well known and heavy.  If it is heavy and a good price, I would pick it up weather it was marked or not....good crystal and good crystal, ya know?
Hard to see in the photos but the smudge on the center upper part of the piece is the mark.

Happy Hunting.


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  1. I love Waterford crystal, too. I got a candy dish for a wedding present (and when it was given to me, it came with the inscription, "because every girl needs something sparkly") and love the way the light hits it. Great finds!