Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Recap

I have the most awesome Husband.  We have such a good time together and just "fit" so well.  This is our third Valentine's Day together.  It was the first big thing we did together when we first started going out, besides Shabbat.  We kinda make it a BIG DEAL. 

I cook a big yummy breakfast.

 Crust-less Quiche and Pancakes with hot butter rum syrup.
Doesn't the quiche look good in Pyrex?
The pancakes were supposed to be for Christmas morning but we ran out of time.  Since I have been TRYING to be good on the low carb way of eating, we saved them for another special occasion. 

We usually (well for the last 2 years) exchange Valentine's gift in the morning but neither of us had them wrapped up....

...so David went off for a half day's work and I got to my Monday housekeeping.
 David brought the tree / bush home last week, we will hopefully plant it in our yard for some much needed splash of pink.  The one single pink rose is from the rose bush David gave me for our first Valentine's Day 2 years ago.  It is blooming so well but he has to keep it at his office during the colder months so Ms Belle Starr does not eat it.  What an appetite that kitty has for pink mini rose bushes.  LOL.
 And these beauties, David brought home for me for this year's Valentine.

 I gave David 4 new aloha shirts for his collection.  I could not decide which he (or I) would like better so I just bought all four.  I also gave him a book, sports coat, and a dressier shirt.  OH, and a vintage Hawaiian print and things to redecorate his office...but he already saw all that so I did not think that would be a good surprise gift.

David gave me some very nice gifts.  The Marilyn Monroe Diamond Collection
Sexy Lingerie and Stockings...here is one of the slips he gave me, I can not find a photo on line of the other...

And the cutest things for the kitchen, cause I like stuff for the kitchen...
We went to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse.  At the end of the meal, who I thought to be a host, but looking at the photos of the website happed to be the General Manager, brought around a mini box of Chocolate and Almond Truffles.  The waiter brought a long stemmed red rose, with the check, of course...LOL.

 Let's not get ahead of ourselves.  The meal was absofreakinlutely amazing.  We had seared ahi tuna and poke for our starter (along with Greygoose Martinis for me and Shiner Bach for David). For dinner, I had fillet medallions, one was topped with lump crab, the other with prawns and some kind of sauce and shitake mushrooms.  David had a Rib-eye (it looked awesome, too but I did not get a photo).  We picked asparagus and potatoes au gratin as our sides to share.
 I wish I had remembered to take photos of dessert.  I had creme broulee that was COVERED in fresh berries and a chocolate covered HUGE strawberry.  On the side they placed a HUGE thin fortune cookie tasting thing.  David had an amazing chocolate bread pudding that was served with home made cream flavored ice cream.  I can not even begin to describe how that tasted.  It was hockey puck shaped and richer than the richest brownie you can imagine.  Like rich dark chocolate. 

We ate way too much.  Thank goodness we do not eat like that everyday....I was still full all day today. 

 I wanted to do a photo before we left but we ran out of time.  My hair pretty much fell, it was like a 60s bouffant, I wanted it to flip but did not have much time to mess with it.  It was a "big hair" night and I LOVED it.
 Dress: Lane Bryant
Sweater:  vintage
shoes:  so old I do not remember.  
stockings and undergarments:  Valentine's Day gift ~wink~
 Belle Starr...my Valentine Kitty.
These shoes have stretched over the years...so I have to walk real slow.  LOL

It was an absolutely wonderful Valentine's Day.  I hope you had a great one, as well.  I would love to hear about it.


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