Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing Jakes Collin Creek Mall in Plano, Texas

Last Sunday I took my girls (Jordan and her BFF Sarah) to Amazing Jakes in Collin Creek Mall here is Plano, Texas.  We had a great time and took a lot of photos.

The place did not have much to offer in terms of rides for the teenagers, just go carts and Bumper cars.  They did have a small game area and Lazer Tag, however (we did not play in these areas).  There was also Mini Golf, which was rather lame compared to most other Mini Golf courses and Rock Climbing.  The Rock Climbing was more geared for children as Sarah tried it and her legs were too long for the it to be much of a challenge, she just kept getting kind of tangled up (but she is a tall drink of water, so maybe if Jordan tried it, with her shortness, she would have been more challenged).

While Sarah braved the rock climbing wall, Jordan had a characture done.  Since she just made the High School Cheer Squad, she wanted her characture to reflect this.

In order to get into the place you have to buy a buffet pass.  The games are all an extra charge.  It was not a bad deal as we were hungry by the time we were ready to leave and the food was good.  They had pasta dishes, a salad bar, baked potato bar, soups, and several varieties of pizza.  Also, the drink refills are unlimited so we probably got our monies worth just in drinks.  There were also cookies, ice cream and rice krispie treats for snacks or dessert.

I believe the unlimited pass to the rides was an extra 10 dollars and the games took tokens.  All of this should be double checked on their websiteIndividual rides could be purchased, as well.

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All in all we had a great couple of hours.  The girls had fun riding the go carts, taking pics, and flirting with all the teen boys who worked the rides.  They also had fun being silly and riding the smaller rides (that were really for younger children).  They were such a hit with the teen boy-workers that they let them ride without waiting in line, like THEIR version of being the pretty girls in lines out side of the clubs (ya know, where the bouncer lets you in the club because you are pretty?....we call it "pretty girl privileges"....might not be fair, but that's life).

Speaking of "pretty girls" I think my niece is perfect.  But she is MY niece and I am supposed to feel this way.  She is the sweetest girl(when she is not in the hellish teen mood). She is beautiful inside, too.  She volunteers, she loved going to work with me when I worked with Alzheimer's victims and was so good with them.  She is smart, too.  Makes very good grades.  See?  I told you she was perfect...LOL.  A little spoiled, too.  She is an only child, grandchild, niece, etc etc in the family (for now...).  It is hard not to spoil her....she is so much fun to be around.  Now that she is in her teens, spoiling her can get pretty costly, however.

Here is Jordan rocking a pair of thrifted Ambercrombie pants that she dug out of my eBay stash.


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