Monday, April 18, 2011

Passover Traditions & Customs: Matzoh

The most important Passover tradition is the Passover feast known as Seder. The removal of chametz or leavened food on the first nigh of the holiday is known as 'Bedikat chametz'. Only Matzoh and other special foods made from matzoh are allowed during this happy family holiday. This is the occasion for the Jewish families to go through their origin and history by reading the story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt as told in the Book of Exodus, the Haggadah. The custom of Afikomen or the dessert matzoh has slight variations to it.

You can read more about Passover at

Here is a neat video I found while surfing around.  I will keep this in my "mental" file to try next year....

We will be sitting down to our mini feast, or Sedar,  in a little bit.  This will be mine and David's third Passover together.  I am enjoying learning about all of the holidays and customs.  I consider myself lucky to have both his and my "our" traditions to cherish.

Happy Passover,


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