Thursday, April 14, 2011

They go together like Oil and Vinagar.

I was out treasure hunting yesterday, hitting the usual haunts.  I was mostly looking for beautiful clothing pieces to list on eBay (when the limit is lifted from my about 27 days to go, I think...uhggg) but I also found some goodies while I was out. 

 I found these cute little Pyrex Oil and Vinegar bottles.  They are just about perfect with all the letters and gold scrollies.

 I love the fancy way they have "vinegar" and "oil" written.

And, of course, I love they are "Made in the USA"

Does anyone know if they have stoppers or some kind of top that might be missing?

I also found a Pyrex measuring cup.  I do not know how "vintage" this is but it says nothing on it about being "microwave safe" I am hopeful ~shrug~.  As you can see it is the one with red letters, a number 516.  A very much needed item for my kitchen.  I had "new measuring cups" on my grocery list since the Hubbie used the old ones to work in the back yard (???!!!???).

I was trying to be artistic with this shot. 


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