Thursday, May 12, 2011

Retro Fiasco: Jellied Moose Nose

Yes, dolls, this is a REAL recipe, found in one of my darling little "retro" cookbooks.  Sounds pretty gross to me, but I do not want to prejudge something I have not tried.  I would love to try it out for you, gentle readers, but I am on a Low Carb diet and this just is not hm...yep, thats the excuse we will go with.  ha ha.

Just look how excited this little boy is to have this on his dinner plate (this is a little boy, isn't it?)

Bon Appetit



  1. Hahaha, yummy! Great find Tiffany - sounds erm, lovely. That child looks terrified that Mom is serving Moose nose tonight. I'd test it out for you, but moose is in short supply locally

  2. Oh, thank god. I was thinking, "Please don't let her recreate it!"

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