Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Reading List: Along Came a Spider

I am so far behind on my Summer Reading list REVIEWS...but I am in no way behind on actually reading these books.  I do not have a schedule or a "have to" of books....but I am plowing thru them none the less.  I love to sit at the water park and read while soaking up the sun.  Since I have not felt the desire to go down the slides one after the other, I have plenty of time to do this in between lazy river jaunts, splashing int eh wave pool, going down the few slides I like, and taking lots of photos of the girls doing their "thang".  I also enjoy reading before bed...helps me wind down from the day. without further fanfare....the next book was actually written before my last book and was the first in the Alex Cross series from James Paterson.  It is Along Came a Spider.  I am finding that I really get into these books, I did not think I would...I read Kiss the Girls because I enjoyed the movie.  Now I want to read all of the book in the Alex Cross series...and there are so many and they are all a fast read, so far...just what I need during the summer months.

"A missing little girl named Maggie Rose.

A family of three brutally murdered in the projects of Washington, D.C.

The thrill-killing of a beautiful elementary school teacher.
A psychopathic serial kidnapper/murderer who calls himself the Son of Lindbergh.

He is so terrifying that the FBI, the Secret Service, and the police cannot outsmart him — even after he's been captured.

Gary Soneji is a mild-mannered mathematics teacher at a Washington, D.C., private school for the children of the political and social elite. He's so popular that the kids all call him "Mr. Chips." And he's very, very smart. Growing up, he always knew he was smarter than the rest of them — he knew that the Great Ones always fooled everybody. He kidnaps Maggie Rose, the golden-haired daughter of a famous movie actress, and her best friend, Shrimpie Goldberg, the son of the secretary of the treasury, right out from under the noses of their two Secret Service agents. But Gary Soneji is not surprised at his skill. He's done it before. Hundreds of times before.

Alex Cross is a homicide detective with a Ph.D. in psychology. he looks like Muhammad Ali in his prime. Cross works and lives in the ghettos of D.C. He's a tough guy from a tough part of town who wears Harris Tweed jackets and likes to relax by banging out Gershwin tunes on his baby grand piano. He has two adorable kids of his own. They are his own special vulnerabilities.
Jezzie Flanaganis the first woman ever to hold the highly sensitive job as supervisor of the Secret Service in Washington. Blond, mysterious, seductive, she's got an outer shell that's as tough s it is beautiful. She rides her black BMW motorcycle at speeds of no less than 100 mph. What is she running from? What is her secret?

Alex Cross and Jezzie Flanagan are about to have a forbidden love affair-at the worst possible time for both of them. Because Gary Soneji, who wants to commit the "crime of the century," is playing at the top of his game. The latest of the unspeakable crimes happened in Alex Cross's precinct. They happened under the protection of Jezzie Flanagan's men. Now Soneji is at large again, still wreaking havoc.
Alex Cross must face the ultimate test as a psychologist: how do you outmaneuver a brilliant psychopath? Especially one who appears to have a split personality — one who won't let the other half remember those horrific acts?

Soneji has outsmarted the FBI, the Secret Service, and the police. Who will be his next victim?
Gary Soneji is every parent's worst nightmare. He has become Alex Cross's nightmare. And now, reader, he's about to become yours."  From James Patterson's Official Website

I do not know about this man being MY nightmare but he was rather scary.  He had a motive to kill some (in his own mind) and other he just killed because he could.  He was a fun villain to read about.  If he was real, of course it would not have been fun in any way. shape. or form...but I do enjoy a good villain.  He was not as good as Casanova, however.... 

I get a bit irritated with Alex Cross...sometimes I just do not know why he is "there".  Patterson tries to hurry through an explanation of why Doctor Detective is working these cases but still...I have to just move on and try not to think about it too much. 

What keeps me coming back are the "bad guys" in these books.

I have not seen the movie but will be looking for it.  There is also a movie coming out soon with Tyler Perry as Alex Cross.  That just blows my mind because as I read the books, all I can hear is Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross.  IDK what to think about that just yet but since Cross is a younger man than Morgan Freeman, I guess they have to cast what makes sense...but Tyler Perry?  Why not Will Smith...or Terrence Howard ?  Maybe this movie will not be a big budget or expected to really make a statement?  It will be from a book I have not read called "I, Alex Cross" one quiet far into the I better get off blogger and get to reading...LOL.

I am a bit out of order with the Alex Cross series....I have a list now that I have made, in order, of what comes next.  I will leave this series until I am able to get the right order from the library.  I have read one other and I am afraid I am find out bits and pieces of a book I have skipped...and I want to be surprised as I am reading.  So...since I am leaving this series on the book shelf I have decide to read The Godfather. far I am really liking this and I have a few that I have not reviewed to also share in the meantime.

I hope you are staying cool as the summer winds down.  We were almost at a record, here in Dallas, Texas, for the most days with over 100 degrees...but we missed it by one day.  We had a short break and are now above 100 again...but not as high as it was so no will cool off soon.


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