Saturday, January 21, 2012

Housewife on a Diet AND Couponing for Two: SPROUTS Farmers Market

This is a twofer...double header (or heading) post.  I am excited to share with my followers and readers my favorite little shop....SPROUTS Farmers Market.  This is a really neat little (compared to the GIANT grocery stores) shop for some really good for you and GREAT for your pocket book deals. 
The produce department takes up the entire back end of the store...there is a pretty good sized "bulk" bin area, as well.  The Vitamin department is amazing in size and price...bigger than some vitamin ONLY stores like GNC.  Their vitamin prices promise that they are 10% lower than the competition but then they have amazing sales, too.

They have a lot of the "harder to find" healthy things, as well....  Some of the photos are just to give you an idea of their prices but some are to show the amazing selection...

If you are on a special eating program, this is a great place to visit.  They carry the brands you used to only find online...and they are cheaper and NO shipping charge (plus some even have coupons)

The Almond Breeze is on sale for a great price this week, pair that with the 1.00 coupon that is either in the paper or pealed off the product and you have a GREAT deal on this yummy and low cal / carb milk substitute.

Look at the variety of Bob's flours, mixes, etc...and this was not all of them...they had a few end caps, too.

I had no idea that the guys (and gals) over at Braggs made salad dressing???!!!??? All have Apple Cider Vinegar as a main ingredient.

mmmmm Coconut Milk Beverage....I like this better than the Almond Breeze.

So not that this AMAZING sale price is not good enough on the Coconut Butter...Sprouts has a coupon booklet with a 1.00 off coupon to boot!!!!

When you are on a special eating the HCG Protocol...Tea becomes a yummie treat.  Look at the wall of teas!!!!  And most are under 2.00.

I am not a fan but they carry Shiratake Noodles, too.  At Whole Foods they run almost 3.00...Sprouts, barely over a dollar!!!!

I am not a fan of most of the Walden Farms products but when you see a variety like this, it sure makes it easier to give them another try.  All were on sale, too.  Also, tthis is just the dressings and dips...other varieties are placed thru out the store.

Zevia!!!!  If you just HAVE TO HAVE bubbles or a "soda" type of drink...this is it for the HCG Protocol. 

Like I said, there are many things to find at Sprouts.  It is such a fun shop.  Their prices are great and the selection can not be beat when you have a special needs diet.  Lots of low carb / low calorie treats and LOTS of things for a Gluten Free Lifestyle.

To find a Sprouts in your area visit their site at  Be sure to look for their coupons, too!!!!

Happy Homemaking,


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