Friday, February 3, 2012

Housewife on a Diet AND Couponing for Two: More healthy coupons

As I have said a few times, it IS possible to stock a healthy pantry / kitchen with coupons.  It is not easy but it IS possible.  Here are a few to help you keep your new years resolutions...  Remember, it is only about 3 months (in Texas) from swim suit time.  I WILL be ready...will YOU?

The following are HCG friendly (YMMV, of course) for the different phases of the protocol.  If you are looking for other diet friendly products, check out your chosen brand's facebook or website.  Also, Collin over on Hip2Save is always posting great coupon links.

Peanut Butter and Co. $1.00/1 Peanut Butter is a YMMV on P3
Red Gold Tomatoes (14.5 oz. or larger) $1.25/1  these are great for the P2 Chili
Frank’s RedHot Product .35/1  (use zip 10001) Keep things from getting boring
$0.55 off any So Delicious Dairy Free Product (“like” on Facebook)  This is the company that makes the wonderful Coconut Milk Creamer that a few of us are using.
Nature Made Vitamins up to 10.00 off (plus a great way to remember your vitamins.

Remember to hit your "back" button to print most of these 2 times.  if you have more than one computer, even better!!!!

I know Sprouts has the So Delicious Coconut products and they often have them on sale!!!!

Happy Homemaking,

I find most of my deals thru  Check it out!!!!


  1. Okay, Lady... I"m starting to worry about you! No updates in ages... Please let us know you're alive!! *hugs* Rilla

  2. @rillashcgdiet I am still alive. it is so hard to MAKE myself vlog when I am not doing so well. I am not doing BAD everyday but the weekends are killing me...I stableised 4 pounds up (2 out of my 2 pound window) and can not get back to LDW. I am back on HCG next week and will be vlogging again. I have not even been watching vlogs...I am so behind!!!!

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