Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharing some work

Now that I have started this blog, I really have nothign to say.  IDK how that can be possible, I always seem to have so many opinions, most of them changing as often as I change clothes.  Until I can come up with something profound to say, I will just share some of my scrapbook pages.  My style is rather simple, I prefer clean lines as opposed to the popular "bulky" style.  I seem to enjoy buying all the pretty flowers, embellishements, and what-nots rather than using them.  I tend to focus on the titles, journaling, and photos to tell my stories.

This one says a lot about me.

As cheesie as this layouy it, it says that I enjoy being an old fashioned housewife.  I actually enjoy taking care of the home so David does not have to worry about it.  He knows he will always have a nicely ironed shirt for work and a hot meal when he gets home. 

Speaking of taking care of a home, have you heard of The Fly Lady?  She has a website that really helps you "fly" thru your day.  Daily routines and tasks to keep everything neat and tidy and on schedule.  Take a look.

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