Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sprucin' up the old joint....

David, my wonderful husband, decided that I need a bigger room for my crafting, scrapbooking, sewing, etc so we are painting the front spare bedroom to get ready for me to move all my "goodies" in.  It will be so nice to have a big space to spread out and lay pretty fabric out.  Everything will have a spot, my art supplies, books, scrap goodies, and FINALLY a DEDICATED spot for my sewing machine to stay out and ready.  I have big plans for the sewing machine.

The previous owners had painted this room a YUCKY blueish / Greenish color.  We do not really know what this color is or why anyone would choose such an ugly shade.  Lack of taste, no dought.  Their is no getting around it, the color is U. G. L. Y!!!!  We have one coat already and you can still see the blue / green.  We are hoping it will not take more than two coats. 

We are painting it Bridal Veil white.  I love the name of that color.  I love everything about weddings so it fits.  I would REALLY like a pink room but I think white will be better.  I have a ton of pink accesories so this way nothing clashes.

I found some old socket plates that I bought a long time ago to dress up an old apartment that I lived in.  Since I never throw anything away, I knew they were packed away some place.  I found them right off and spray painted them white.  David dug out two old crystal door knobs that will be put on the closet and entry door.  Once all of this is complete, it will be ready to move in my shelving, funitute, etc. 

For now, we are leaving the carpet.  It would be nice to have hard woods in here but this is the best looking carpet in the entire house so I would like to replace flooring in other rooms.  The carpet actually looks semi new in here...and with Belle Starr sharing a room, it is easier to contain all that hair with carpet.  I had hard woods in the Town House, and I could never keep all that fuzz under control. 

I am going to document this process on here so stay tunned....

In the meantime, here is a cute LO I did from our very first Home Improvment project.  We painted our hallway when we returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii, last year.


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