Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little by Little

It is getting there, little by little.  I am only moving ONE room away but it is taking quiet awhile to do it.  I am on day 2 of moving.  Yesterday I got the big cube shelves and a few little ones moved, along with the glass containers, etc.  THAT is what takes so long...ALL THAT GLASS.

I love my little containers, however.  Most are the different sizes of old fashioned candy jars from Hobby Lobby.  Others are unique shaped jars I have found at antique and second hand shops.  These are great for keeping so many things in.  You can see what is inside and they are really cute, too.  So functional and pretty.

Anyway, since they are glass, I am being extra careful not to break anything.

I am so glad that I took so many pictures before I started moving everything.  There are some things, like how the shelves are set up, that I would like to mimic in the new room.

I have a terrible memory so pictures will really come in handy.

I found a used small cabinet while garage saleing the other day.  Iwas already white, clean, and in good shape.  I love fixing up old things but this needed nothing...absolutly noting done to it.  Well...Hobby Lobby DOES have thier decorative knobs on sale this week so I might change those out.  I love the shape and the backing on this cabinet.  All of the Stampin' Up! and misc stamps I have collected fit perfect.  The little doors can hide the extra stamp pads and other supplies.

I got that cute little pink fan at Hobby Lobby, too...but all it is good for is being cute because it only works for about 15 minutes per battery change.  As you might have guessed, I only bought it because it is PINK!!!!

OH!!! This little white shelf on the very top was a "re-do".  I got it at a second hand store.  It started out jet BLACK and had all kinds of little sections.   I removed some of the dividers, sanded, painted, and THOUGHT I would add photos and other odds and ends to create a knock-off 7Gypsies Printer Tay project, still might do that...but for now it holds all off my misc stamps perfectly.

Ok...enough goofing off for now.  I have glass to move.


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  1. Tiffany, I love all your jars and etc and that pink fan from a picture down below. I need to go shopping / rummaging with you sometime!