Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Off to Home Depot

My plans to "blog" more regularly got a bit sidelined last week.  I was off scouring the metroplex used furniture and antique shops, looking for a cute desk and something to put my TV on and had to cut it short because I started feeling a bit weird.  I do not know if I was really sick or just the side effects of my LC way of eating (that is a subject for a different post).  Anyway, for the rest of the week I was a bit bla and nothing got done.  I did loose 4 pounds, however :)

I am still making great progress on the new room.  Yesterday I started with my curtains / window treatment.  I could not find a pattern for my vision, so I designed, built the frame / skeleton, and sewed as I went.  I really like the result, so far, but the frame is a bit flimsy so I am off to Home Depot for another option.

I also started on a cover for my desk chair.  I got the top looking really cute but I ran out of fabric....so off to Hobby Lobby, too.  Good thing they have another 40% off coupon this week.

I think David will forgive me for going to HD without him since I would also be dragging him to HL.  He said he does not mind going to Michael's with me but draws the line at HL and Joann's.

I will post a photo of my super cute curtains and chair cover later today....well I hope.  I have to get them completed, first.


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  1. Gees sounds like you have been busy! Cant wait to see your finished projects. Moving your scrap space is a chore.....I did that recently a couple of months ago and even though I moved to a bigger space it was a lot of work organizing and etc. Hope you are enjoying it. Thanks for becoming a follower, I didnt find a follow me link on your blog though.