Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Curtains, FINALLY

So I never made it back with the big reveal of my new curtains / window treatment.  I am just not good at keeping my work when it comes to blogging.  I think it because I know there really isn't anyone reading my blog just yet...but on I will go.

So, as I posted, I could not find a pattern or even a photo of the kind of window treatment that I had so firmly planted in my mind.  I had to design, build the frame, and sew as I went.  Some things worked, other things worked better.  I started off making a "frame" out of wire hangers.  That worked just fine for construction but not for a permanent fixture, which is fine....when I was learning in the costume studio at Texas A&M's Theatre Dept (yes, we had a theatre dept, small as it was) we always made "mock-ups" and used those as a pattern for the final piece.  I then designed the cloth portion around the wire frame, sewing and pinning as I went.  I can not even begin to type out "steps" because it was so trial and error.  Whatever, the finished product makes me smile every time I walk into my room.

The window is also covered with oak stained blinds.  I do not really like these but looking from the outside, towards the house, I prefer all of the front windows to  have the same color.  Our formal living room, as well as our formal dinning room have the same blinds.  I am kinda stuck with em.  It works out OK since I have an old oak sewing table I am using for my sewing machine and it is right in front of the window.

Here is a close up.  I finished the curtains with some medium sized pom poms and pink ribbon (to hide the seam lines...the material was not wide enough and I had to add two panels).

I wanted a "awning" effect.  I think it worked out nicely.

I had some material left over so I made a chair cover to hide the gross blue of the office chair I have had forever.  The chair is comfortable and practical so I really did not want to replace it.  I am also making a cushion for Belle Starr with leftover material.  She has already claimed her piece of fabric and spot in the room.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Happy Tuesday, and I am reading your blog and am a follower. Wow, how impressive that you made the curtain and chair cover. They are beautiful! I love the extra peeks of your scrap room we got with these pictures to. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. What a lovely room. My daughter will surely adore it once she sees it! :D Anyhow, I find your curtain fascinating as it goes well with the blinds and with those handcrafted items beside the window. It’s great that you added those two lines of ribbon on both sides as well. It added a lovely touch to the printed cloth.

    Rene Veeravalli