Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blue Plaid Pencil Skirt

I finished my blue plaid pencil skirt last week and forgot to post about it.  This was another "make it up as I go" project because when it comes to actually following a pattern, I just wing it.  Pencil skirts should be the easiest thing to make, so really who needs a pattern? 

This material had other plans....or I should say I had other plans for it.  I was going to use it to make Simplicity 3673, from their 1950's Retro Line.  You can find the review of this pattern at PaternReview.com. There are some lovely photos along with the reviews, as well.

The plan was to make view "b" because I did not have high hopes of their being enough fabric for view "c".  I bought the fabric from a decond hand charity store, so it was "as is" and you really never know how much you will get.  The "roll" was pretty heavy so I was looking forward to at leaste getting enough for a straight jumper. 

Well, plans changed because as I unrolled the fabric, some of it had tiny holes in the middle.  This should be expected with vintage fabric, or just old fabric that has been in the garage, attic, basement, where ever....I did rescue enough for the pencil skirt, but had to peice it together.

What this ment was the back is made up of 3 panels instead of one.  This actually worked out better as I like for my pencil skirts to be a bit more "butt huggin" so I was able to taper it to do just that.

The finished product is kind of preppy cute, I think. 

Not a bad outfit for under 5 bucks.  The material for the skirt was 2.50 and with all fabric, that day, market at 50% off it came to 1.25.  The sweet sweater set was also a "second hand" shop find.  I got it JUST to go with this skirt so I was lucky to find the right color.  I bought it during their "Black Friday" sale (50% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE!!!...wish I found more) so I think it was around 2 bucks.  Add in the thread, cause I did not have any blue that color....and it was WELL under 5 bucks....OH..the zipper was bought from a lady at Buckman's Vintage Flea Market for .25 cents.  I will pin on a broach from my "Great Ma" collection and it will be a vision from the Stepford Housewives. 

I am really into making and wearing the pencil skirts right now because of being on Kimkins. I do not want to invest too much money and time into a size that I do not plan to be in for long.  Kimkins is going slower for me this time around but as these skirts get too big, they are very easy to alter. 

Happy Crafting....


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  1. What a great outfit, and love the pattern on the skirt and you definatley can not beat that price!