Monday, November 29, 2010

Hip Hip Horay....It's Laundry day and time for more Laundry Day Tips....

To Remove Ink Stains

Ink stain can be removed by dipping stain in hot tallow, then wash out tallow, and ink will be removed.

To Remove Ink Stains

Wet with spirits of turpentine; after three hours, rub well.

To Remove Ink Stains

Ink stains may be removed by covering spots with borax and saturating with peroxide.

To Renew Old Crepe

Place a little water in a teakettle, and let it boil until there is plenty of steam from the spout; then, holding the crepe in both hands, pass it to and fro several times through the steam, and it will be clean and look nearly equal to new.

To Soften Jeans And Cotton Sheets

Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salt to the detergent when washing.

Powdered Starch for Stains

If applied immediately, powdered starch will take fruit stains out of table linen. Left on the spot for a few hours, it absorbs every trace of the stain.

To Remove Iron Rust

Lemon juice and salt will remove ordinary iron rust.

To Remove Mildew Stains Or Iron Rust

For mildew stains or iron rust, mix together soft soap, laundry starch, half as much salt, and the juice of a lemon. Apply to the spots and spread the garment on the grass.Laundry Hints Continued

To Remove Mildew

Rub the spot with yellow soap, wash, and while wet rub powdered chalk into it and cover with chalk. Lay article on grass in sun, sprinkle with clear water. Repeat if necessary.

To Remove Old Mildew Stains

Old mildew stains may be removed by rubbing yellow soap on both sides and afterwards laying on, very thick, starch which has been dampened. Rub in well and expose to light and air.

To Remove Candle Grease

Candle grease yields to a warm iron. Place a piece of blotting paper or other absorbing paper under the absorbing fabric; put a piece of the paper also on the spot, apply the warm iron to the paper and as soon as a spot of grease appears, move the paper and press again until the spot disappears.

Remove Grease From Clothes

Mix four tablespoons of alcohol with one tablespoonful of salt; shake together until the salt is dissolved and apply with a sponge.

To Remove Grease

Cut a very ripe tomato and rub material over a kitchen table. Tomato juice will also remove stains from and whiten the hands.

To Remove Wagon Axle Grease

Lard will remove wagon grease. Rub the spot with the lard as if washing it, and when it is well out, wash in the ordinary way with soap and water until thoroughly cleansed.

To Make Linen Beautifully White

Prepare the water for washing by putting into every ten gallons a large handful of powdered borax; or boil with the clothes one teaspoonful of spirits of turpentine.

To Remove Tar from Cloth

Saturate the spot and rub it well with turpentine, and every trace of tar will be removed.

To Clean Flat Irons

Beeswax and salt will make your irons as smooth and clean as glass. Tie a lump of wax in a rag and keep it for that purpose. When the iron is hot, rub it first with the wax rag, then scour with a paper or cloth sprinkled with salt.

To Soften Boots and Shoes

Kerosene will soften leather boots and shoes which have been hopelessly hardened by water and render them as pliable as new.

Would you like more tips?  These and others can be found at:
Enjoy reading these old fashioned laundry hints. Hopefully, you will find a laundry stain removal tip that you can use to solve your laundry problem.

Always remember to use the old-time laundry hints with caution and common sense. There is no guarantee these household tips for laundry from the past will work on some of today's synthetic materials. But, it's often worth a try.

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