Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"Nothing did more for the popularity of bowling than the first broadcast of "Championship Bowling" by NBC in the 1950’s. Thanks to this show and many others including "Make that Spare", "Bowling for Dollars", and "Celebrity Bowling", bowling was thrust into the American public’s living rooms and hearts alike. The Pro Bowlers tour became hugely popular on ABC Sports Broadcasting after first being televised in 1961. These events all added to the popularity of Bowling but make no mistake. Bowling is loved in its own right because it is a sport of the people. It has come from its early forms to evolve into a truly enjoyable American past time." (from  While this might be true, historically, I think the cute colorful bowling shirts and wearing silly shoes had to have SOMETHING to do with people's love for bowling.

I found these darling retro inspired bowling shirts at a second hand store while piddling around earlier this week.

This one is a size large, so a bit snug for me.  Since I am back on my low carb WOE (way of eating) it will be ok, soon (I hope)

Please ignore the wrinkles, they are being laundered as we speak and then will be pressed crisp.

This one is a xxl, which it too big for me but looks suuuuuuuuper cool work over tight clam diggers.  As a matter of fact I gave it a good hot wash yesterday morning and wore it to take Dixie Lee to the vet.  (I thought a good HOT wash and dry would shrink it, but no luck with is now being re-washed because Ms. Lee had to sit on my lap at the vet).

The next pic is detail of the cute little bowling pin embroidered on the sleeve. 
I have been lurking on for YEARS wanting to buy some of these shirts but they are pretty pricey.  Can you believe I got BOTH for under 10 bucks?  Now that's a find!!!!  The only thing left to do is have our names embroidered on the front!!!!

Now that my chores are done I am going off to troll some antique shops.  With the holidays around the corner and one teenie boppers b-day coming up, I care hardly justify much spending but looking does not cost a thing.



  1. Those re great shirts and you did get them for a good price. Hope you will be able to come to the crop in Dec.

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