Thursday, November 18, 2010

Red Hot

I have finished two skirts this week and wanted to share the red one.  This one was really a re-do as it was a skirt that I took apart and reworked as a pencil skirt (or wiggle skirt as some call them).  I have never re-worked or altered anything but this skirt was way too big so I was not loosing anything for trying.  I think I still need to make a few tweeks and I also think I re-constructed it a size too small...but I kind of like the butt cupping effect (and David sure does not mind).

I do not know if it is the way I am standing but in person it does not "pull" at the thighs as it is showing here.  Also, I would like for it to fit a little tighter at the bottom but then it would really be a wiggle skirt.  David took me out for dinner tonight and the hostess sat up in an upstairs section of the restaurant, walking up and down the stairs proved to be a little challenging.

I will post the black one when I wear it.  The photos of it on the hanger just look like a big ole black piece of material.  I am going to try to make something out of the leopard fabric tomorrow but I am also going to shop a bit so hopefully I will  have some time to at least get the fabric cut.

Until next time....


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