Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clean Closets

Today was a rather busy day.  David decided to paint the smaller spare bedroom and turn it into his "den"...I forget what he called it...something about learning because he is always studying.  He is always reading one book or another.  Since he was busy, I felt obliged to be busy, too.  Started out with a good clean of the old closets in the master bedroom.  I did not MEAN to clean them....but I could not find any of my black tshirts, so instead of making a bigger mess out of the chaos that lives in there, I decided to tidy up a bit.  OMG, it just makes me smile to go in there now.  I got some things out of there that never got unpacked when we moved in about 18 months ago.  I had a large basket of things that need mending, so I boxed those up and now they have a waiting space in my sewing room. tags.  You know how they always end up on the floor?  Well I must never get around to picking them up because when I was done I had a WalMart bag about full of those.  YIKES!!!!  I can now see the floor in both closets and just maybe I will not have to spend half the morning hunting for a top the next time I am getting dressed.

I would love to find some kind of inexpensive (because I change my mind ALOT) closet organizing system.  Something that will make it easy to see and get to my clothing.  I end up forgetting what I have the way everything is now.  I know I have WAY too many clothes, shoes, bags, belts, etc.  But I always seem to wear the same thing over and over because it is what I see.  I think this is an ever ending battle.


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