Thursday, November 11, 2010

For the Boys....

Just a little eye candy and a big "Thank You" for your service on this Vet's Day.

When I was a Social Director at the Assisted Living community we went all out for Vet's Day.  We usually did something with the local grade school during the day and then we had a big program that night.  We invited the families, everyone had a flag, and our favorite entertainer of the elderly, Wynona, lead us in a patriotic sing a long.  It was really a fun time.

Now that I am a very happily married lady, spending my days as David's housewife, we celebrate differently.  We actually celebrate the founding of the Marine Corps the night before.  This year we went out for steaks.  Jordan, my sister Krystal, and her man Joe and his son Jonathan, and my mom all went out.  It was a lot of fun.

I actually spent the afternoon with Krystal and Jordan.  Jordan is having her bedroom re done to reflect a room of a teenager.  OMG so far it looks awesome.  They painted the room in pink and hot pink.  The bedding is black and white damask.  I will make some throw pillows and curtains for her, as well.  It really shows her personality.

I had an old file cabinet stored in their garage forEVER, it was from my college days.  We found some old photos in it, some were Glamour Shots.  OMG, they were from 1991 and IDK what went on there....I had pics  in some wind suit (glamorous, huh?) a sparklie jacket (getting better), and some black and  silver / gold lame fabric that the photographer tied in a big bow...LOL...and the best was me in some strapless red and white HORIZONTAL stripped tube top and a white jacket with red, white, and blue life preserver nautical liking appliqu├ęs.  I guess I was going for the patriotic angle with that one.  And the HAIR???  It was so big (ok ok...I wish my hair was still that big, I am a Texas gal, after all).

Here is a LO I did after visiting Pearl Harbor while on our Honeymoon
The red, white, and blue tag leads to hidden journaling about the memorial and my thoughts.

Ok, then....I am off to sew a button back onto one of David's Aloha shirts.  Tomorrow is Aloha Friday.  LOL.


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