Monday, November 22, 2010

Hip Hip Horay...It's Laundry Day, AGAIN.

I think I am going to make Monday a "Laundry Day" tips post day.  Well, at least until I run out of tips....I mean, how many can there be? 

I do enjoy "Laundry Day".  I like knowing my clothes are clean, pressed, and haging in my closet.  That David and I will have something nice to wear all week.  I have friends that can not believe that I iron David's shirts, but if he goes out to work and looks like a bum, what does that say about me?  All I can attract to marry me is a bum with dirty, ratty, wrinkled clothes?  No thank you!!!!  I am a prize and can attract a well dressed and groomed man.  LOL.  While it is not ALL about me, a good portion is.



Household Tips For Laundry

Mending Tip

Never put away clean clothes without examining every piece to see whether they are in any way out of order.

Novel Dress Mending

A novel way of mending a woolen or silk dress in which a round hole has been torn, and where only a patch could remedy matters, is the following: The frayed portions around the tear should be carefully smoothed, and a piece of the material, moistened with very thin mucilage, placed under the hole. A heavy weight should be put upon it until it is dry, when it is only possible to discover the mended place by careful observation.

Worn Sheets

When sheets are beginning to wear in the middle, sew the selvage sides together and rip open the old seam, or tear in two and hem the sides.

Remove Bad Smells

Articles of clothing, or of any other character, which have become impregnated with bad-smelling substances, will be freed from them by burying for a day or two in the ground. Wrap up lightly before burying.

To Remove Grass Stains

A simple way to remove grass stains is to spread butter on them, and lay the article in hot sunshine.Laundry Hints Continued

To Remove Grass Stains

Wet with lemon juice, sprinkle with salt, and spread in sun. You might also try using soap and cold water.

To Remove Mud Stains

Mud stains on silk can generally be removed by rubbing with a piece of flannel.
Would you like more tips?  These and others can be found at:
Enjoy reading these old fashioned laundry hints. Hopefully, you will find a laundry stain removal tip that you can use to solve your laundry problem.

Always remember to use the old-time laundry hints with caution and common sense. There is no guarantee these household tips for laundry from the past will work on some of today's synthetic materials. But, it's often worth a try.

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