Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey....

I found the neatest blog post by 50sgal over at the The Apron Revolution.  She came across an article in one of her mid century magazines that takes you, step by step, in carving a turkey.


I know, I know...If you are anything like me, you think this is the "man's job" so you may want to print this out for your darling husband.  Go over to her blog and take a peek

I prepare all kinds of turkey dishes for David and I.  Turkey is a lower fat meat, it is versatile, and very tasty.   If a recipe calls for ground beef, I substitute ground turkey.  If we are in the mood for bacon or sausage, I keep it Kosher by using turkey bacon and turkey sausage.  Even our "hot dogs" are made with turkey franks.  I am hoping for lots of leftover turkey.

Here is a tip from Butterball's website of what to stock your kitchen with when preparing a Thanksgiving turkey.


Get the right tools for the job. From holiday feasts to simple things that every chef should have, here is a list of tools to make your time in the kitchen easy and fun.

Seasonal Tools:

Here are just a few of the items recommended for preparing the perfect turkey for your holiday dinner:
Roasting Pan
Every great Thanksgiving meal begins with a sturdy, well-constructed roasting pan that helps retain the natural flavors of your turkey. We recommend a shallow pan that’s only 2 inches deep. This helps to ensure that the heat can surround the meat and cook evenly for a browned, thoroughly cooked turkey.
Meat Thermometer
A true necessity in any home during the holidays, a meat thermometer is an accurate way to identify whether your turkey is completely cooked or still needs more time.
Sharp Carving Knife
A sharp knife to carve your holiday turkey will help you to prepare plates efficiently and enhance your presentation. A good blade will allow you to carve turkey in well-proportioned, even slices that look professional every time.
Handy and convenient in the kitchen, this loosely woven cloth is perfect for straining and clarifying soups or sauces. Because of the way it’s made, it will not interfere with the flavor of your dish and has become a must-have item in many gourmet kitchens.
Flavor Injector
A quick method of injecting a desired flavor or marinade into your turkey and other meats. Perfect for giving your meal a little extra flavor for guests to enjoy.
A whisk is a fairly dainty but extremely useful tool that comes in handy when mixing ingredients into a sauce. You’ll be glad to have one when Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing.
Gravy Separator
Also called a fat separator, this kitchen tool helps to maintain flavor in gravy by separating fat from pan drippings.
Gravy Boat
A staple on every holiday table, a gravy boat is a serving container that holds gravy or sauces and can be both functional and stylish on your holiday table.

Or you could just say forgetaboutit and warm up a TV Dinner.


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