Friday, December 10, 2010

Estate Sale Fabulousness

I got out bright and early this morning to go to an Estate Sale.  I have never been one to hurry out the door for one of these, I just stop if I see a sign.  However, I have signed up for an email
list to be alerted to upcoming sales and one caught my eye for today.  It was just a little ways up the road in Frisco, Texas.  It was promised that there would be the usual....dishes, china, furniture, clothing, books, tools, and....and ....SEWING STUFF!!!!!

One room of the house was devoted to SEWING STUFF.  She had 2 sewing cabinets, not the real antiqueish ones with the iron base, more like modern desks.  They were only 50 bucks.  I did not need one as I have 2 sewing tables, 2 craft tables, and a no room for that.  She also had tubs of fabric, which I chose one cute pattern I liked (going to make yet another pencil skirt with it).  Most of the fabric was for quilts, or that is what I would use it for.  A few were for men's suits and then some flannel.  
        There were also boxes of scissors, rulers, guides, pin cushions (I chose one that was magnetized), and other various varieties of notions.  I got a HUGE bag of stuff, kind of a "grab bag" for 5 bucks.  When I got home I dumped it out to find needles, TONS of zippers, buckles, thread, pins, measuring devices, chalks, and some other stuff.  I also picked out an ironing ham and a smallish ironing board.  I think it is for sleeves, if I remember correctly.  I will need to recover the ironing board as the fabric is pretty well USED and groadie.  OH, and I got some electric scissors that I am excited to use.....for THREE BUCKS. 

The most exciting thing I bought, however, was a cutting mat / board.  I have wanted one of
these to go on top of the big table David got me for Hanukkah.  I have found them to be pretty pricey but there was one hiding int the corner of this sewing room and I snagged it....and was very happy to see a sticker with ONE DOLLAR marked on it.  SCORE!!!! 

I do wish there was more fabric I liked but I am EXTREMELY happy with my haul.  I got out of the house spending only 20 bucks (and some change because they charged tax...that was a first).  Not bad, eh?  I also picked up a cute vintage clutch while I was there.  There were other things I wanted but left behind.  There was a dress dummy that the seamstress had refitted to be more like her body....they were only asking 20 dollars for that and I thought about it....but decided I would try the duct tape dummy that I have planned. I know I may kick myself for passing on this later....but for now I am ok with my decision.  There was also several men's hats that I liked but none would have fit David's head.  Also, if my Pyrex pattern was the blue and white Amish (I think) I would have scored big time....but the price was not low enough for me to even think about I really like my pink gooseberry so much that I would feel like I was cheating.  LOL.

I drove into McKinney, Texas afterwards to look around a few of the antique shops, just for kicks.  I got there too early and they were not yet open.  I decided to wait around and stopped in a charity shop and found a mink collar that will be beautiful with a few of my sweaters.  I also picked up a little glass dish that looks like the Gooseberry Pyrex pattern, but it says nothing on it.  It was only a quarter so I got it to hold some pins.

I did a bit of Christmas and birthday (Ayden and Jordan) shopping, too, while I was out and about.  I am super excited with two gifts I picked up for David (even though he does not celebrate Christmas, I do and want him to open gifts Christmas morning with me).  

Dinner tonight will be very good.  We are having  Shabbat with Parm Encrusted Talapia, again (one of our favorite non Kimkins dishes) with Remoulade Sauce, spicey corn, ceasar salad, and crusty Cherry Cobbler topped with Blue Belle's Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.  YUMMMIEEE!!!!

Shabbat Shalom


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  1. Wow, sounds like you got an awesome haul! Love that new little dish you found also.