Friday, December 17, 2010

Found Goodness for the week

Since Christmas is so close and I have yet to finish my projects I think I should be done from BUYING and hunting for fun stuff.....for the year.  The Day after Christmas David and I are loading the car up for a trip to Nashville and Virginia (and places in between if I have anything to do with it....but probably not much since we have to be in Virginia by a certain time...HATE plans and schedules).  Anyway, I have enough found goodies to keep me occupied, I hope.  Plus I think, from what I  hear, that most of the Estate Sales will be held off until after the holidays after this weekend.  There is a Vintage Flea Market in Ft Worth this weekend but I do not think I will have a chance to get out there. 

I wanted to share some of my found goodness with you.....

First, the goodies that are not pictured.

I am always on the lookout for retro or retro inspired button down shirts for David.  You know, like Kramer wore on Sinefield or what Ricky Ricardo wore....button down and straight across the bottom.  I think I remember Kramer calling them "shirt jacks" in an episode but can not find anything about it or what the y are really called.  The problem is I do not find many in xxl, just like us plus sized ladies, big guys are hard to shop for when it comes to vintage so when I find one I grab it.  I also pick up old bowling shirts in his size.  I found  2 shirts and 1 bowling shirt this week for him.  I will get a photo of one so maybe someone can help me out on what people call these shirts.  The best thing is I asked my brother is he still liked this kind of stuff (he used to) and he does AND he wants them in xl which is a bit easier to much so that I should stop talking about it incase he reads this before Santa stops by ~wink~.

Also not pictured are a few cookbooks I found (1950s / 1960s), a 1963 McCall's Magazine with Jackie O riding a horse with JFK Jr (1.81 b/c it the booth was 80% off...CHEAPER than a magazine today...I will have lots to blog about with this one), some salesman's sample books of vintage (late 50's) holiday cards (these will have a separate blog post...they are so cute), a few aprons, and a black velvet hat.

Now on to some eye candy....

I saw this little alarm clock in an antique mall I stopped at last Saturday.  I passed on it but could not stop thinking about it.  My great grandparents had one like this in their bathroom.  Why I remember this, I have no idea, but I even remember WHY it was in there and will spare you the details....old people can be crazy, yaknow.  Anyway, I went back this week and looked and looked and could not find it.  I just thought someone else liked it better than I did and bought it at first site.  I just about gave up when I got a phone call (with bad news, no less) and looked down and squealed with glee.  My attorney, on the phone, told me she was telling me BAD news and I was not supposed to sound so happy.  Someone had placed the clock in the wrong booth.  The wire is frayed but David says he can fix it.  I sure hope he can because it will have a place in my sewing room.

This is some of the things I picked up at an estate sale.  The patterns are very nice, I will  have them in my Etsy shop soon.  Of course, I already blogged about the Shiny Brite ornies.  The gloves are NWT and a glove.  They are leather and are soft "like buttah".  I saw a movie with Angelina Jolie where she wore gloves a lot and looked very elegant.  I might have to start wearing them more often.

The lady of the house had a thing for hats.  There were two beds full of them.  There were a few vintage resellers there (I saw their cars with those magnetic signs advertising their businesses in the street) and they were going crazy stuffing the hats in their huge shopping bags.  As one was throwing hats here and there, taking what she wanted, I moved in on her and as she was holding up a HUGE wicker sun hat, I reached under it and took this cute little mink number.  her face dropped but it is "survival of the fittest" when it comes to these sales.....and she did have two big bags full of hats by then. 

The Corning Ware were the first things I picked up.  I needed something that I liked and liked the price on enough to stand in line.  The business running the sale was VERY disorganised and did not have prices on much....AND the manger would not give up control and let anyone else price things.  So we had to stand in line to get a price....WTHeck?  So I needed something that I knew was worth the line.  These were 2 dollars a piece and we needed them. 

The Tupperware was a bonus.  The line went thru the kitchen so there was really no other way to see into the cabinets unless you were in line.  YES!!! they left things, un-priced, in the cabinets (these things were for sale).  I sure hope they sell everything.  It was rumoured that the lady of the house donated her home and contents to her church.  Anyway, as I stood in the ever long line, I started rummaging thru the cabinets and found these two dusty Tuperware bowls.  I wish I had time to find more, I know this house had more...LOL. 

What is now Macy's USED to be Sanger Harris...well, before it was Foley's, I think.  This was one of the stores we shopped at WEEKLY.  Mawma loved to shop, this is were I got my shopping gene.  She would take me to "Sanger's" when I had a bad day, got in a fight with my mom, had a good day, felt fat, lost weight, whatever.  We went other places, too, but Sanger's was always a stop.  These hat boxes, you can not tell in the photo, fit my sewing room perfectly.  They are pink and cream.  They look so pretty stacked on other hat boxes I already have in a corner by my sewing machine.  I planned to put my fabric stash in there but not all fit...but some did so it does look a bit more tidy.  I love old hat boxes where the name of the department store is still there.  The ultimate find would be a Neiman Marcus box. 

What brought me to the sale was the promise of BOXES and BOXES of fabric.  I knew anyone who had "boxes and boxes" of fabric would have other sewing stuff.  Since the sale was SO disorganised, the sewing supplies was, too.  I mean, again, nothing priced and we were supposed to pick threw the zippers, single buttons, needles, pins, etc and bring to the front for a price, but stand in line first.  Most sales I have been to have just a hodge podge of stuff in zip bags for one price.  I know I might get things I do not need but it is just easier that way.  The really hard part was it was SO DARK in the house and storage buildings AND there were so many people.  I know estate sales are adventures but I like to see what I am buying.  So I passed on all the fabric but the one pictured above, which I think is very cool....not big enough to make a shift dress, which I would like, but maybe a skirt or recover something.  I also passed on the supplies.  It was all tangled and a mess (like mine is all the time but I am not selling).  I also found 4 patterns, out of a HUGE box, that I liked.  One even had an "inspiration" clipping attached.

All the disorganization and non-priced items did work out in the end.  When my turn came the manager just looked at my loot and said "$15 bucks".  I think that was very fair with all I had.

Ok....that is enough for now. 


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  1. Wow! You got some great things! I wish we had more estate sales here...I guess I should go when I find them! lol!

    Where in Virginia are you going?