Saturday, December 18, 2010

NOEL.....NOEL....(we are singing this, happy followers) la la la

While out and about this week I found these beauties.  I forgot to include them in my last post, "found goodness".  They were made in 1970, so not my usual 1950's love, but I grew up in the 70's (9/72) so I am also drawn to that decade for nostalgic reasons.  I really do not know what they are called, light up plastic thingies, maybe? 

They are in wonderful condition, except for a little scratch and paint rub off on one...the other was STILL in the plastic.  I wonder why it was never used?  Maybe they were bought to use as singles and after the holidays, when everything was clearanced, a spare was picked up at half off.  I do that, if I like something alot and want to always have a spare.  They were purchased from Page Drugs, remember that store?  I could not read the price.  I am always interested in the price something cost "BACK THEN", whenever that was.

They both work but one needs a bulb.  I am not sure if they will be lit this year as I have them gracing the "scene" of reindeers in my formal dinning room and there is not a plug in the middle of the room.

We did not have the Noel Candles while I was growing up.  We had Santa....

Neither of these are pics of OUR Santa....I found them on the web.  I know my mom still has them.  She might not want to admit it, but I think she keeps stuff for nostalgic reasons, too.  She still has the plastic red apple ornaments we wrote our favorite bands on back in the '80s.  We thought we were so silly.... Mine had Duran Duran, Krystal has Wham (I would not let her like the same band I liked), and A.J. had Madonna (he thought she was soooooo sexy).

And we had Frosty....

Again, these are not pics of ours....I found these on yahoo images.

And I remember a taller Noel Candle, either we had it at home or Mawma had it at her house (but then probably gave it to us).

I feel like I should start decorating with these.  Very kitchie, dontyathink?  Since I can not have a tree, I should make up for it with Kitch.

Noel and all that good stuff....


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