Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jordan's B-Day Party @ Dick's Last Resort

Jordan did things a bit different this year.  She chose to have a smaller party at Dick's Last Resort.  She usually has a huge shindig at home or hotel with lots of her friends.  Last year was her first boy - girl party, she was turning 13 then.  I always have so much fun helping with her parties. 

This year's party at Dick's was a BLAST.  She invited four of her besties.  At Dick's, the waiters are known for being RUDE!!!!  That is part of the fun.  OMG our waiter had his work cut out for him with these little hem..."ladies?"  They gave as good as they were getting.  I am so proud of them.  Being a smart-ass is fun in THIS context.

They are a pretty group, dontchathink?

This is Jordan, the Birthday Girl!!!!

Here they are in the hats the waiter made.  From left to right we have Sarah ("I'm not stupid, I am possesed by a retarted ass ghost"), Amber ("I used to be a boy but look at me now"), Jordan ("My big ass, dumb ass, stupid ass, cheap ass, I hate my waiter's black ass birthday hat"), and Cameron ("2008-2009 Bra Stuffing Champion" and there was a strip of toilet paper hanging from the hat).  The waiter made these hats, so no offense intended or received, it was all in good fun.  That is how Dick's Last Resort rolls.

Joe ("She Beats Me") and Jordan's mom, Krystal ("The Damn Freak Likes It!")

David ("I hope the viagra works better than the rogain") and Me ("F-the Rogain, Viva Viagra")

Mimi ("Ask me about GROUP rates")

I do not know what kind of presents Miss J received because she opened them at her house afterwards to keep from having to carry so many things.  I brought her gifts from me and David.  We gave her black Ugg boots and I made some HOT pink and black curtains for her newly remodeled bedroom. (pics to come as soon as I help her iron, put together, and hand them properly).

Her "theme" this year is Black and White Demask with Pink and HOT Pink accents.  This is how her room was remodeled, too.

I love this tassle.  It was much too pretty to hide in the package so I made it part of the wrapping.  I think it will work well with her curtain "tie backs" or maybe hanging from a drawer pull?

The girls are all about BIG sunglasses this year.  I found these in hot pink and thought about Jordan.  I used them instead of a "bow" on this gift.

I made this card once before but with different colors.  I think I like this one better.  The stamps are Stampin Up! "Bubble Queen".  Paper is from Hobby Lobby's Paper Studio (thier "house" line).

I can not beleive how grown-up she is.  She looks so pretty in her pink sweater and black lacy skirt.  The flower in her hair looked fabulous.

It seems like just yesterday we were having her 5th birthday party and I suprised her with the Kitty, Belle Starr, all dolled up in ribbons.

Happy Birthday my sweet Jordan!!!!



  1. Thanks for visiting my that I could find you!

    What a beautiful daughter you have - glad she had a good birthday. Those hats are insane! I think that your and David's hats are the best duo...

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Jordan is my niece. She is such a fun girl. Thanks again.