Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa needs clean clothes, too....

Just because it is Christmas Week does not mean we housewives get to take a holiday.  Santa, Daddy, the kids, Dixie Lee (she wears a sweater when it is cold) all need clean clothes so here are your Monday Laundry Tips.....

*After washing overalls, drying and smoothing them, tuck a handkerchief in the back pocket before putting them away. This may prevent a last-minute search before your husband dashes out on his way to work.
*To set color in garments: 2 tablespoons turpentine and 1 handful of salt. Pour boiling water over this, then put garment in and leave it until water is cold.
*You can iron faster and easier if you put a sheet of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The foil stops steam from penetrating the padding and deflects steam back into the article being ironed.
*When laundering doilies or other linen pieces that need careful shaping, leave unstarched for the first ironing. When ironed and shaped to your satisfaction, dip a thin cloth in starch, wring out and smooth it over the article on the ironing board, then iron both layers dry. The doily will be nicely starched and finished.
*When laundering curtains of voile, scrim or any material which has to be ironed, if they are fold so selvage ends are together and ironed they will hang perfectly even and straight.
*To protect sheets and pillowslips, always mend tears, small holes and rips before laundering.
*Slipcovers should be starched to give them more body. They also will stay clean longer.
*To remove lint from your dark blouses, skirts or shirts use Scotch, masking or adhesive tape. Rub tape lightly over the article and the lint will rub off!
*A towel rack on the inside of the clothes hamper lid is handy for hanging damp towels and wash cloths to prevent mildew.
      *When the rope clothesline needs washing, wrap it around a washboard and scrub with a  Stiff                    brush,         rinsing thoroughly. Give the clothespins an occasional dip, too.

What a perfect Christmas present for the busy housewife!!!!

With the "Speed Queen" you will not spend all your day washing these!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!


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