Monday, December 6, 2010

Identifying with Samantha Stevens

We all know how much I love laundry day and sharing the fabulous tips I find on the web....I was so excited I woke up bright and early to get started.  It is 15 to 7 and I have my LAST load in the washer and have ironed all but one of David's shirts for the week.  Since I am so far ahead of my Monday checklist, I am relaxing with an episode of Bewitch and getting a jump start on today's blog post.  Don't worry, I WILL post the Laundry Tips (in another post) but I had a bit of a "rambling" thought I wanted to share....

Speaking of "Bewitch", the episode I am watching is one where she needs a new evening gown for a dinner party with some VERY important clients of Darin's ad agency.  Of course, she wants to DIY this gown and poo poos her mother's idea of buying a Paris original.  When it comes down to the wire, Darin makes an unwelcome, but innocent, comment on her DIY dress and she twinkles her cute little nose and is wearing the Paris Couture dress to the party.  All the ladies are raving over the dress and Darin, thinking she made it herself, tells the ladies that Sam can design and make one for ALL of the folly begins... It is titled "Samantha the Dressmaker". 

I can certainly understand her desire to do these things herself.  In today's time, as women we have the same choice in a roundabout way.  Some are lucky enough to choose if they want to be housewives, cleaning their own home, maybe making a dress or two (or more in some of our cases) and a number of other "homie" kind of things.  Some women (and men too, I am sure) can choose between being "home" or working out in the public sphere.  If we work outside of the home, while we can not twinkle our nose for a clean house and gourmet dinner, we can hire outside help.  I am sure at some point, I might hire someone to come in a clean the carpets or take an outfit to the cleaners.  In a way, this is making the same choices as Samantha.  She chooses to do these things herself, sometimes they work out, sometimes they do not.  We are very lucky to live in a time where we have more choices on how we live our lives.  As much as I romanticise living in mid-century America, I am very happy to have the choices available to me in 2010.

I much prefer the black and white episodes.  It is funny, however, how Sam became kind of "groovie" when the color episodes started airing.

Did you know that "Tabitha" had her own series spin-off?  I do not remember this.  It was only for one season is 1977.  You can find it on

I love this photo of her in a ponytail.  I love how is is kinda candid and casual.....but she is obviously posing because there is a FROG in her hand.  LOL


Samantha the Dressmaker"William AsherLee Erwin
February 24, 1966 (1966-02-24)
Samantha and Endora sneak a peek at some yet to be unveiled fashions in Paris. After using her magic to recreate one of them for herself, three ladies ask Samantha to make dresses for them. It turns out the original designer (Dick Gautier) is a client of Darrin's, and at his New York fashion show, he faints when he sees Samantha and her friends in his outfits.
Note: Filmed January 10, 1966. 

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