Monday, December 6, 2010

Laundry Day Tips

Here are some more Laundry Tips from Grandma

To Remove Blood

Use cold water, then soap and cold water.

To Remove Chocolate Or Cocoa        

Use borax and cold water.

To Remove Coffee & Tea

Use boiling water; if with cream, use cold water, then boiling water.

To Remove Cream or Milk

Use cold water, soap.

To Remove Perspiration

Use soap and warm water; bleach in the sun.

To Remove Vaseline

Try using turpentine or kerosene.

To Wash Stained Clothes

Soak all clothes overnight in cold water, drain off in morning. All stains will wash out easier. Separate white and colored clothes, of course.

Laundering Table Linen

Linens should last a lifetime if they are given the proper care. They should be laundered with great care, ironed on the right side and then on the wrong. If white linen is put away for a time, it should be rolled in blue paper, which prevents it from becoming yellow.

To Wash Flannels

Wash first in warm soapsuds and rinse them in warm water, having the water neither too hot nor too cold.

To Remove Moth Ball Odor

Clothes and other items should be aired outside on dry, breezy days until the odor of moth balls disappears. Bring inside when rain threatens and at night. You can also try adding one cup of white vinegar to the wash water when washing your clothes.

When Silk Turns Yellow

Soak in sour milk overnight, then wash and dry.
Enjoy reading these old fashioned laundry hints. Hopefully, you will find a laundry stain removal tip that you can use to solve your laundry problem.

Always remember to use the old-time laundry hints with caution and common sense. There is no guarantee these household tips for laundry from the past will work on some of today's synthetic materials. But, it's often worth a try.