Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Hanukkah Day 7 / Vintage Jewish Cook Book

It is almost over, only 2 more candles to lite.  We hope everyone is having a wonderful season, so far.   We have.  One of the things I wanted was to eat at one of our tables, either formal or kitchen dinning room, each night.  So far, so good (unless we ate out, of course).  We even ate lunch there a few times while David was home from work.  He has to teach a class this week so I am on my own for lunch.

While out and about Sunday we came across a Jewish Cookbook from 1952.  It was published by the Homemakers research Institute and has a little "seal" inside that says it is "America's Most Complete Jewish Cookbook".  My favorite part of it is that the previous owner has several inserts and handwritten notations throughout the book.  I wonder why she (or most likely) her family decided to toss it out?  This was obviously a well used book.  I know we saved many things Great-Ma used in the kitchen and cherish things she cherished in her daily life.  I am glad this book found it's way into a family who will love it.

I can not wait to have an opportunity to create some of the goodies in this book for David.  We are both dieting, right now, so it will need to wait.

Happy Hanukkah,

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