Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

I have been in the mood for some cookies all day.  I really want to get in the kitchen and start mixing up a batch in my "new" Pyrex Gooseberry Mixing Bowls.  Since cookies are not really Kimkins "friendly", I opened up my email for the next best thing.....

I get a very helpful email in my inbox, a few times a week this time of year, from Celebrations.com.  They give party and entertaining tips.  One of their tips today was throwing different kinds of holiday parties.  One mentioned was a "Cookie Exchange Party".  We did one of these every year in the Alzheimer's Neighborhood of the Assisted Living where I use to planned events and social activities.  They were always so much fun.  We would invite the families of residents to dig into mom or dad's favorite holiday cookie recipes, cook up a big ole batch, print out copies of the recipes and bring to share with the party.  We had so many different types of cookies, even the staff would get involved.

This had to be one of the easiest parties we threw.  All I had to do was spruce up the holiday decor that was already up, buy some gift bags so the residents could take the cookies back to their rooms, and send out invites.  The cookies were the "food" and the stories that went with this, reminiscing about Holidays past and such was the "entertainment". 

 Santa is not the only one who enjoys a good Holiday cookie, ya know!!!!


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